UPDATE: Sorry folks, we’re all out of free burgers!

UPDATE: Sorry folks, we’re all out of free burgers! Keep an eye out for the next giveaway.

Mmm, mmm, mmm. This is a tasty giveaway.

To celebrate last night’s third and final episode of Sugar Free Farm we’re giving away 500 packs of 2 buffalo burgers from our friends at Laverstoke Park Farm.

Here’s how to claim your burgers:

  • Follow this link and add the burgers to your trolley.
  • Place an order worth £40 or more, for delivery by 15th February.
  • Add the voucher code VOU7144078 as you check out.
  • We’ll deduct the cost for the first 500 customers to redeem it.


Julia, Social Media Executive

FREE Laverstoke Buffalo Milk Yogurt with your next order

UPDATE: Sorry folks, we’re all out of free yogurts! Keep an eye out for the next giveaway.

Who’s been following Sugar Free Farm on ITV1? The programme is hosted on Laverstoke Park Farm, whose delicious products we stock on ocado.com.

We’re giving away 500 x 500g tubs of their Buffalo Milk Yoghurt so you can discover them for yourselves. Rich and creamy, the yoghurt is organic, gluten-free and has no sugar added: perfect for those of you trying to kick the habit alongside the celebs.

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NOW EXPIRED: FREE breakfast and snack bundle with your next order

Sorry folks, we’re all out of bundles. Keep an eye out for the next giveaway.

Stop running on half-empty: we’re giving away 500 bundles to add to your next order and battle the hunger pangs.

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Beat Blue Monday with Propercorn

Falling on the third Monday of the New Year, Blue Monday is officially the saddest day of the year: the excitement from the festivities finally fizzles out and the cold, dark winter gets to us.

As a result, many of us lose motivation, ditch our diets and go back to old habits. Lucy Fry, our Crisps and Snacks buyer, reveals the telling data from ocado.com…

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Dorset Fish: from fisherman to fridge

Fun fact: sometimes there’s only a matter of hours between a product leaving our supplier and it being delivered to your door. We strive to deliver your groceries as fresh as possible so you can enjoy them at their very best.

Read on to discover how we help Dorset Fish get their products from the sea to your fridge at lightning speed.

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Make your own Asian-Style Kale Crisps


As delicious as they are trendy, kale crisps are surprisingly easy to make. Try our take on the light snack with an East Asian twist.


1 bag Essential Waitrose Curly Kale (200g), washed and shaken dry
1–2 tsps Saitaku Mirin Seasoning
3–4 sprays Filippo Berio Mild & Light Olive Oil Spray
¼ tsp Bart Chinese Five Spice Powder
Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 150°C, and line a large baking tray with baking parchment.
  2. Place the kale on the tray in a single layer. Spritz with 3–4 sprays of olive oil, and sprinkle over the mirin, salt and pepper.
  3. Bake for 15 minutes, or until dry and crispy.
  4. Place the kale crisps in a bowl and sprinkle over the five spice powder, adding a little more salt to taste if necessary.

Bacon-wrapped jalapeños and water chestnuts recipe

Blog_Bacon_JalapenosCanapés are brilliant. They’re perfect for feeding a group of people, they look adorable, and because they’re small you can try lots of different things. Our recipe for bacon-wrapped jalapeños and water chestnuts is quick, easy and mouth-wateringly good.


12 streaky bacon rashers, cut in half widthways
12 Kingfisher whole water chestnuts
1 sprinkle brown sugar
12 fresh jalapeño peppers, deseeded
25g cream cheese
3 tbsp chilli sauce or chutney, for serving


  1. Preheat oven to 200°C/180°C fan/Gas Mark 6.
  1. Cut the bacon rashers in half widthways and lay them on a baking sheet. Sprinkle a little brown sugar over them.
  1. Deseed the jalapeños and fill the insides with cream cheese.
  1. Place them on top of half the rashers, and place a chestnut on top of the other half (cut the chestnuts in half if they’re particularly large). Roll up and secure with a cocktail stick.
  1. Bake in the oven for 20 mins, or until crisp. Serve with chilli sauce or chutney for dipping.


Have a Happy New Year, everyone.