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Easter Eggs and Chocolate – Our Picks For 2022

There really is an easter egg just for you. It’s the season for chocolate, and especially chocolate eggs. But how do you choose the right cocoa-packed treat when there’s so much choccy goodness around? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading and you’ll find a round-up of our very best chocolate Easter eggs. 

From Lindt classics to new brands on the scene, there really is an egg just for you. Seriously. We’re talking white chocolate eggs, creamy milk chocolate eggs, dark chocolate Easter eggs and anything in between. It’s like taking a little trip to Easter Island. And if you can’t decide and want to try something different, check out our top tips below for a range of assorted Easter chocolate. To shop all things Easter, visit our dedicated Easter shop now.

1. H!P Oat M!lk Egg

All you dairy dodgers out there are in for a treat with this exclusive, vegan Easter egg from new brand H!P. Expect indulgent, delicious chocolate which is made with oat milk and mixed with salted caramel. We’re sure it’s a taste you’ll quickly want more of, so it’s a good thing you can always order more than one. This one is also a great choice if you’re simply curious about the grand world of dairy-free chocolate.

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2. NOMO Creamy Choc Egg & Bar

The UK’s leading vegan and free-from chocolate brand NOMO (which stands for No Missing Out) is bringing you pure Easter magic. The new Creamy Choc Egg & Bar is a delight for anyone who doesn’t eat eggs, dairy, nuts or gluten. Basically, it’s free-from heaven dipped in chocolate.  

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3. Lindt Double Chocolate Easter Egg

Lindt has long mastered the amazing art of chocolate making, and this year things are getting even better. Because what’s better than chocolate? That’s right, double chocolate. So do try the new Double Chocolate Easter Egg from Lindt for a luxurious taste experience you’ll think about for days.

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4. M&S Harri the Chocolate Hedgehog

Have a Harri this Easter and enjoy the wonderful taste of milk chocolate in the sweet form of a hedgehog. This M&S Easter egg (ish) is great for the little ones who love animals and nature. 

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5. M&S Wilma the Sausage Dog

Wilma is back and she’s cuter than ever. So bring some joy to your Easter celebrations with this adorable treat, made with delicious milk chocolate. Thanks to M&S for making Easter even sweeter.

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6. M&S Walter the Sausage Dog

Don’t forget to pop Walter in your trolley too, Wilma might need some company. They’re the most adorable chocolates around this spring, so make sure you add the duo to your Easter shop.

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7. M&S Extremely Chocolatey Easter Egg

If you’re someone who can’t resist the Extremely Chocolatey Biscuits from M&S, this Easter version will knock your socks off. It’s basically a huge version of the standard biscuit and we can’t wait for you to try it. 

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8. M&S Drippy Chocolate Egg

Bring some fun to your Easter celebrations with this hand-decorated egg from M&S. Its chocolate shell is made with Belgian milk chocolate and finished with a delicious colourful drip. Tasty and fun, what’s not to love?

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9. M&S Percy Hunt Bucket

This Percy Pig Easter hunt bucket from M&S is great if you’re planning a, you guessed it, Easter hunt. It holds a bunch of hollow chocolate eggs to hide, plus signs to help the kids find them. Good luck!

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10. M&S Percy Hogs & Kisses

Percy and Penny love Easter too, and although Hogs & Kisses from M&S might not look like your traditional chocolate Easter egg, it still tastes like one. Almost too cute to eat, this Easter goodie can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

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11. Cadbury Creme Egg Chocolate Easter Egg

The Creme Egg has returned! Go for classic with this milk chocolate Easter egg from Cadbury. Odds are you already know what it tastes like, so take a moment to picture yourself enjoying that very first bite. Thank you Cadbury.

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12. M&S Colin Hunt Bucket

If the little one’s more into Colin the Caterpillar than Percy, this one’s a great alternative. However, you can always get both if you want some variation. And if you’ve got more than one child, of course.

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13. Baileys Salted Caramel Egg

If you’re a Baileys lover, this Easter egg should totally hit the sweet spot. Smooth and sweet Baileys liqueur meets dreamy milk chocolate in this new salted caramel-flavoured treat, all wrapped up in Easter’s favourite shape. Move away kiddos, this one’s for the grown-ups. 

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14. Hotel Chocolat Ostrich Egg Classic

Looking for the best quality chocolate Easter egg? This could be it. Inspired by the ostrich which lays the biggest eggs of all living birds, this extra-thick, indulgent egg from Hotel Chocolat offers an intense taste experience. It comes with over a kilo of high-cacao chocolate, truffles, pralines, caramels, and more. So if you’re going all out this Easter, you’ve found your pick.

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Ready to fill your basket with Easter treats? Then hop to it. You’ll find all these yummy eggs and chocs in our big Easter Shop, plus lots more sweet stuff to try. Get a whole bunch of goodies and have a taste test to see which treat takes your fancy. And of course, you’ll also find food and drinks for the main event, decorations and anything else you might need for Easter. PS there’ll be plenty of mini eggs for you to pick up too. And if you want something completely different, why not pick up some champagne truffles? Whatever you want, there’s an Easter just for you. 

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