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Cook-at-home Restaurant Meal Kits You Have To Try

Some days you fancy dinner out, other times just a nice, home-cooked meal such as a green bean pad Thai might be on the cards. Sometimes, however, you can’t be bothered to choose and luckily, you don’t have to. 

It’s easy-as-pie to get the best of both worlds with our great selection of gourmet meal kits from well-known restaurants like Wagamama and Pizza Pilgrims, and much-loved brands including Shoryu, Pieminster and Pasta Evangelists. Mmm, pasta.

Half ready meals and half make-yourself, our collection of delicious dinner kits are great for date nights, special occasions or just as a Tuesday-night treat. Not that you really need a night out of the ordinary – we think being hungry and curious are reasons enough to shop.

Our meal kits come in various portion sizes and will bring fresh ingredients from your favourite restaurants straight to your home. It’s the best way to have a night out at home when you want something extra tasty but when you also want to wear your pyjamas to dinner. 

The best part? Shopping for these meal kits won’t break the bank, so you can feel smug about enjoying restaurant vibes at home without the need to leave a tip. Read on to find the meal kit with your name on it.

Our tried-and-tested meal kits

Pasta Evangelists Carbonara Bucatini Meal Kit for 2

Pasta Evangelists is on a mission to bring the freshness and quality of pastificio-style pasta to home kitchens across the UK. And the team at Pasta Evangelists have really knocked it out of the park with their take on the classic carbonara. Think fresh spaghetti, salty pancetta and a ready-made sauce to bring it all together, plus some seriously good Italian cheese. Sounds like a trip to pasta heaven, doesn’t it?

Our verdict:

We can confirm that yes, this meal kit is not only pasta-licious but super easy to make too. The instructions are clear, the ingredients are fresh and the dish is ready to eat within 10 minutes. Winning. Just make sure to save some of the pasta water at the boiling stage (it says to do so further down in the instructions) for later. The starchy water helps to create a creamy texture. Oh, and add a twist of black pepper for added flavour.  

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Rana Tagliatelle Carbonara

Rana brings an Italian culinary experience to homes across the UK with its range of pasta products. Whip up a fantastic Italian meal in minutes with this three-part meal kit from Rana (with no washing up). You’ll get tagliatelle made by expert pasta makers, according to the Rana family recipe, with free-range eggs, a carbonara sauce with oven-roasted pancetta, plus garnishes. Happy cooking.

Our verdict:

We can’t believe how quick and easy this meal kit is to make (the pack recommends a microwave to cook everything, which makes things quick and easy), and how delicious it is, too. It genuinely tastes like restaurant-style pasta and we’re all for it. So if convenience is key, this is the kit with a big k. Highly recommended.

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Wagamama Ramen Meal Kit for 2

Wagamama is the master of Asian food inspired by the flavours of Japan. This tastebud-pleasing ramen dish is done the Wagamama way, with ramen noodles, chicken stock, sesame seeds and wakame seaweed. Just add your favourite protein (the pack recommends chicken) and some greens like pea shoots or baby spinach, and you’re good to go. Ready in under 20 minutes, this is a great way to enjoy a Japanese classic at home.

Our verdict:

Quick to make and nice to eat, this ramen pushes all the right buttons. The flavour is great, thanks to the seaweed adding an authentic depth of flavour. Ideal if you’re lacking in time or just want something to warm the soul. Plus, it’s super versatile which we really like. The pack does suggest chicken, but you could easily swap that for tofu or just extra veg. Basically, it’s really easy to put your own spin on it.

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Pizza Pilgrims Margherita Pizza Kit for 2

Pizza Pilgrims makes Neapolitan-style pizza for crowds in its restaurants and at events around the country. Get your hands on this award-winning meal kit to make two Neapolitan pizzas at home. Ready in minutes using Italy’s finest ingredients, these pizzas will have you enjoying the much-loved combo of charred pizza dough, sweet tomatoes and milky white mozzarella. Thank you Pizza Pilgrims!

Our verdict:

If you love Pizza Pilgrims but don’t want to leave the house, this meal kit is a great shout. The kit comes with written instructions as well as a QR code for video instructions walking you through each stage, from making the dough, to stretching it to size. Our best tip is to make sure you don’t stretch the dough too thin (otherwise you’ll risk a holey pizza or the base will lose its integrity), and don’t be afraid to leave it longer in the oven than the instructions say if it doesn’t look cooked as every oven is different.

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More mighty meal kits

Here’s some more great meal kits to try at home – why not tag us into your creations on social media, with the hashtag #OcadoLife.

Pasta Evangelists Pappardelle with Wild Mushroom Sauce Dinner for 1

Another wonderful dish from the angels at Pasta Evangelists, this mushroom pappardelle is a joy to make and a treat to eat. Gathering wild mushrooms is common practice in Italy, with the Alps and Apennine mountains home to lots of popular mushrooms. So if you can’t source the stuff yourself, this easy-to-make dinner kit will do the job for you. 

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Shoryu Ramen Kit for 2

This home meal kit comes with everything you need to turn yourself into a ramen master in your very own kitchen. You’ll get a pack of original hosomen noodles, Shoryu’s 12-hour tonkotsu, plus all the important toppings and step-by-step instructions. Ready for ramen? Just heat and eat.

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Shoryu Bun Kit for 2

Cook and enjoy Shoryu’s signature steamed buns at home with this easy DIY kit. The set has everything you need, including fluffy buns, a spicy bun sauce, plus the all-important char siu barbecue pork belly filling. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions included and tuck in. 

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Saitaku Sushi Kit

Become a sushi master in your own home with a little help from Saitaku. This kit served 2-4 and is great for beginners and includes sushi rice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, nori seaweed, pickled ginger, wasabi paste, a bamboo rolling mat, chopsticks and, of course, instructions. 

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Pasta Evangelists Venetian Duck Ragu with Radiatori Dinner for 1

Calling all pasta lovers. This DIY kit is great if you’re cooking for one, bringing you restaurant-quality ingredients and a taste of Venice’s Middle Eastern influences right to your door. With a ready-made slow-cooked ragu and radiatori, this dish is cooked and ready to serve in only five minutes. Buon appetito!

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Head to our dedicated meal kit aisle to find all these tasty picks and more. Whether you fancy street food, fine dining or something plant-based, you’ll find a kit just for you. Simply add to your trolley and trust our delivery service to sort the rest (well, apart from the cooking). Then grab your frying pan or pot and enjoy making meal-kit magic at home. 

And once you’ve found your favourite? Don’t get too comfortable. Come back to try the rest of the collection and start building yourself an arsenal of go-to meal kits. That way, you’ll be ready for whenever you want something easy that packs a flavour punch.

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