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Our Picks Of Eco-friendly Bathroom Products

A hot topic in recent years has been (and very much still is) eco-friendly ways of living. Odds are you’ve already made conscious changes to your lifestyle as a result of this, such as buying less single-use plastics, eating more locally produced foods, and trying to buy refills rather than brand new products. 

These are all great efforts, but what about your bathroom products? Perhaps you’ve already got your eco-friendly, plastic-free packs nailed down, but it’s equally important to consider the actual contents of these. Not to mention your loo roll!

Chemicals in some non-eco cleaning products can be harmful to humans, wildlife, and the environment. That’s why this round-up of eco-friendly bathroom products can be a great guide when you’re next shopping for cleaning heroes. See what we did there?

Luckily, there’s now a whole array of eco-friendly bathroom cleaners that do an amazing job of cleaning, without costing the planet. You just need to know where to find them (hint, ocado.com).

If you’re worried about compromising results for conscious choices, think again. Below, we’ve rounded up the most popular eco-friendly toilet rolls and cleaners available in our shop, so that you don’t have to choose between a clean bathroom and strong eco-credentials. Ready to discover some amazing brands? Let’s do it.

Explore our range of eco-friendly bathroom products

Delphis Eco Toilet Cleaner

This clever toilet cleaner inhibits limescale, rust and stains in your toilet bowl where germs and bacteria breed. Its plant-based formula contains citric acid and is safe to use on chrome, porcelain, enamel and stainless steel. Loved by professionals, approved by the planet.

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Attitude Bathroom Limescale Remover Citrus Zest

Inspired by the force of nature and the power of science, Attitude’s Nature + Technology™ line features ultra-efficient, plant-based ingredients. The hard-working formula is created with your family and the planet in mind, plus it’s hypoallergenic, cruelty free and vegan too.

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Cif Power & Shine Bathroom Eco Refill

Want a powerful bathroom cleaner that helps you save space and use less plastic? Try Cif Eco Power & Shine Bathroom Refill. This 10x concentrated cleaning spray delivers the same beautiful cleaning results of Cif Power & Shine in a convenient and eco-friendly way. That means you can upgrade your cleaning routine without compromising on quality. 

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Feel Good Eco Toilet Paper 9 Roll

Bright white, naturally soft and strong, plus kind to the planet and gentle on your bottom. This environmentally friendly toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper, not just any old paper (and definitely not recycled toilet paper), but the best quality available, such as recycled office paper.

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Full Circle Bamboo & Recycled Plastic Pivoting Squeegee

Meet the tool designed to leave tiles and glass gleaming, as well as cleaning enthusiasts beaming in their newly polished mirrors. Simply put, Wipe Out polishes mirrors, shower walls and corners like a pint-size pro. Your smooth surface clean streak starts now.

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Mr Muscle Platinum Window and Glass 100% Ocean Bound Plastic Spray 750ml

Part of Mr Muscle’s continued sustainability efforts, this window and glass cleaner is made from recycled ocean plastics (in conjunction with social enterprise Plastic Bank) and is perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, glass shower doors, glass top stoves, and more. Versatile enough to use throughout your home, with a fresh fragrance as a bonus. 

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KINN Lavender Eco Bathroom Cleaner

KINN natural bathroom cleaner uses natural, plant-based ingredients and lavender essential oils to effectively and safely clean bathroom surfaces. Made from 90% natural products, you can be safe in knowing your surfaces are cleaned by a plant-based cleaner, leaving the air around you free from any toxins.

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Ecover Sea Breeze & Sage Waves Toilet Cleaner

Unleash the power of ‘plant-based’ with this eco-friendly toilet cleaner from Ecover. Made with biodegradable ingredients to remove limescale, it leaves a gentle fresh fragrance that lingers on. It’s also vegan friendly and approved cruelty free, plus its plastic bottle is made in Ecover’s zero-waste factory.

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Cheeky Panda Natural Bamboo Toilet Tissue

Made from natural ingredients, this bamboo toilet paper is plastic-free, hypoallergenic and helps to protect rainforests. Not to mention it’s silky soft, kind to skin and delivers 200 sheets per roll (great for bulk buying).

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Ecozone Magnoloo Anti-Limescale Device for Toilets

This long-term maintenance product uses magnetic power to crystallise calcium particles in the water in the cistern of your toilet. This ultimately means that once the Magnoloo is placed into the tank, the water is softened to prevent limescale build-up from occurring.

Feeling inspired? We bet you are. So head on over to our Conscious Choices Shop to start building your own arsenal of green bathroom products. Not only will you feel great knowing that your shopping has a more positive impact on people and the planet overall, but it might also help make the actual cleaning process feel more enjoyable. Shop Ocado

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