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Why Aftersun Shouldn’t Be An Afterthought

Spent days perfecting that holiday glow? Or just caught the sun a little (too) much? Aftersun can be a great way to cool, soothe and moisturise skin, helping to prolong a suntan as well as reducing the effects of mild sunburn after a day in the sun.

How to choose the best aftersun for your skin

What is the best aftersun for normal or oily skin?

It’s always best to pick a cooling, hydrating formula after exposure to the sun. Oil-based products such as coconut oil or shea butter can trap heat in the skin. If you plan on using these to prolong your tan then wait for a day or two and use a soothing aftersun first.

What is the best aftersun for dry skin?

If you have dry or sensitive skin, finding the right products can be a tricky task. Despite coconut oil and shea butter being a tempting choice due to their moisturising qualities, it’s best to stick to cooling, hydrating products that don’t trap heat in the skin as this can lead to it becoming aggravated.

What is the best aftersun for sunburn?

It’s important to make sure you always use sunscreen with a relevant SPF factor on your face and body to avoid getting sun damage. However if you have caught the sun a little too much then aftersun can be a great way to reduce the effects of mild sunburn.

  • Make sure to wash off any remaining sunscreen and rinse skin with cool water before applying aftersun.
  • Pick an aftersun with a ‘cooling’ effect which can help skin feel soothed.
  • Look for an aftersun with aloe vera as it is naturally anti-inflammatory and great for reducing swelling and redness.
  • Soothing, hydrating but oil-free formulas are a good choice as they don’t trap heat in the skin.

Pick your aftersun

Now you know what to look for in an aftersun, explore our top picks for aftersun care:

Ambre Solaire After Sun Lotion

Enriched with naturally derived aloe vera, this soothing lotion keeps skin nourished and hydrated for up to 24 hours. Opt for a family-sized bottle to make sure you’re covered.

NIVEA Sun Soothing After Sun Spray

Providing instant relief, this intense formula absorbs quickly, cooling and moisturising the skin for 48 hours. Containing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, it maintains the skin’s elasticity to leave it feeling soft and silky.

Ambre Solaire After Sun Spray

A refreshing and ultra-light formula, this soothing aftersun spray is enriched with cactus extract to instantly provide a cooling sensation.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration After Sun

Light and non-greasy but intensely nourishing, this silky formula is easily absorbed and feels like it’s barely there. Offering 24-hour moisturisation, it’s great for maintaining a suntan. 

Piz Buin After Sun Soothing Lotion

Enriched with aloe vera and mint extract, this cooling formula comes to the aid of sun-stressed skin to help prevent peeling and extend the length of your tan.

NIVEA SUN Soothing After Sun Lotion

A nourishing balm that cools and revitalises, it helps to regenerate and restore moisture loss in the skin. With organic aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, the balm moisturises the skin for 48 hours and helps to prevent peeling.

Piz Buin After Sun Instant Relief Mist Spray

A lightweight formula containing hyaluronic acid, this spray offers cooling freshness as well as moisturisation for up to 48 hours.  

Ultrasun Aftersun

A liposomal aftersun gel with Aquarich® (long-lasting skin hydration), glycerin and SOD (a free radical scavenger) to moisturise and soothe for up to 24 hours.

Bondi Sands Aloe Vera After Sun Gel Spray

A moisturising melt in gel spray from Australian brand Bondi Sands, this cooling formula contains aloe vera to soothe sun-stressed skin.

Australian Gold Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel

An antioxidant-rich formula, infused with green tea, this oil-free gel is perfect for soothing and revitalising irritated or sunburnt skin.

Add aftersun to your sun care regime to help soothe and nourish skin that has been exposed to the sun or use it to help prolong a suntan. By always remembering to apply sunscreen before the sun and aftersun after, you can enjoy the sunshine all summer long. 

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