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What Can You Do With Leftover Bananas?

Got a fruit bowl full of overripe bananas but don’t know what to do with them? Turns out you’re not alone. From banana snacks to granola toppings, we‘re big fans of the yellow fruit, but each year us Brits throw away millions of pounds of the stuff – that’s, well, bananas.

Luckily there are plenty of delicious things you can do with overripe bananas. Keep reading to discover our list of quick and easy recipes to use up bananas, from passion-fruit-topped banana pancakes to tasty smoothies. And, we have top tips on keeping your bunches beautiful for longer. So let’s peel back the layers on the best ways to use ripe bananas – and, as it’s no longer 2020, there’s not a single slice of banana bread in sight.  

What’s the best way to store bananas?

It’s inevitable that you’ll find yourself with browning bananas every now and then, but there are a few handy things to know about slowing that process. Firstly, bananas that are a little bit green last longer as they’re still firm when they land in your trolley. A soft banana is a ripe banana.  

When finding a place for them in the kitchen, remember that bananas last longer when they’re at room temperature, so keep them out of the fridge. And don’t leave them in a bag, as this will turn the colour of the peel quicker. 

You can freeze leftover bananas, too. Make sure to peel them before you pop them onto a tray and into the freezer. Once they’re hard, you can transfer all your bananas into an airtight bag and put them back into the cold. Keep them for up to six months and defrost them in the fridge when you’re ready to eat them. 

Leftover banana recipes

We’ve pulled together a list of our favourite ways to use up old bananas. Remember, the riper your bananas, the sweeter they taste.

Banana Chutney

This recipe is a little different, but you won’t regret giving it a go. It’s simple to make; mash up the fruit and pile on flavours like turmeric, chilli and garlic.  Your chutney will last in the fridge for a week and pairs perfectly with roasted meats, burgers, and even tastes good on a hotdog. Yum. 

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Banana Pancakes with Passion Fruit Curd

You might pair your pancakes with peanut butter or maple syrup most weekends, but try this passion fruit curd for a fruity twist. This recipe has no added sugar, using coconut flakes and the natural sweetness of the ripe bananas to give it a moreish taste. It feels like a real Sunday morning treat. 

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Banana Fritters

These banana fritters are inspired by Thai street food. They’re free from dairy and gluten, making them a great dinner party recipe. For an extra hit of deliciousness, dollop some coconut yoghurt on your baked bananas and enjoy. 

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Raspberry and Banana Ice Cream

You can have a go at freezing your bananas for this one – just make sure they’re chopped up into rounds before you pop them in the freezer. When the banana bites are solid, they come together beautifully with frozen raspberries. Top with honey and nuts for an extra touch of sweetness.

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Banana, Coconut and Honey Cake

This banana cake is gluten-free as it uses coconut flour instead of plain or self-raising. Try switching the light brown sugar for coconut sugar to get an extra shot of tropical flavour. 

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Spelt, Banana and Nut Butter Blondies 

If you’re not familiar with blondies, they’re the cousin of the brownie. Instead of a rich, chocolatey flavour, they have a butterscotch, caramel taste. You can plan ahead to make this tasty treat for when you have company, or use leftover fruit for a sweet banana pudding that’s ready in under an hour. 

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Coconut, Mango and Banana Smoothies

Of all of our overripe banana recipes, this has to be the simplest. It takes just five minutes to make this fruity smoothie for breakfast or a post-workout snack. Chop up all your fruit, drop it into a blender and add coconut milk. Voilà.

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Vegan Banana Chocolate Muffins with Peanut Butter

Peanut butter and banana go together like tea and biscuits, and these banana muffins go a long way to proving why they’re such a power couple. Even better, they’re suitable for vegans, so almost everyone can tuck in. 

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Want to get in on the banana-inspired action? You can find more delicious recipes on site. Don’t forget to head to the banana aisle to add everything you need to your trolley. 

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