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BBQ & A: Your Answer To The Ultimate Barbie Menu

Straight off the coals, read on for our top tips on how to up your BBQ game this season. From barbeque starters to barbecue side dishes and, of course, the main event in between, we’ve got a menu packed with delicious ideas to make this BBQ your hottest yet. Golden rays of sunshine, tinkling iced drinks and cooking outdoors – you know it’s summer when you’ve got the barbie on.

Cue the starters

Barbecued Mussels with Parsley, Sumac and Aleppo Pepper

Garlicky fresh seafood with spicy aleppo pepper and lemony sumac make this quick and easy dish a party starter to be proud of. Taking just 10 minutes to make, serve with hunks of crusty bread to mop up those flavour-packed juices.

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Salt and Pepper Squid with Chilli and Lime Dressing

Fresh and zingy, this fantastic dish sings of summer. The squid chars on the grill in a matter of moments, adding a subtle smokiness to this moreish seafood. Toss in the lime, chilli and coriander dressing and serve warm for a combination everyone will love.

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Spiced Chicken Wings with Baked Sweet Potatoes and Salad

Marinated in tamarind, ginger and thyme, these mouth-watering barbecued chicken wings are sweet, sour and tangy. This recipe makes a wonderful starter but also works well as a main with quantities adjusted. Serve straight off the BBQ with soured cream and fresh coriander. 

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BBQ Mains

Rib-eye Steak with Korean  BBQ Marinade

The tasty fat that rib-eye steak is renowned for makes it the ideal cut to grill on the barbecue. Inspired by the Korean dish bulgogi, meaning ‘fire meat’, the combination of soy sauce, chilli and garlic adds an incredible depth of flavour, while a little maple syrup gives a glaze to this succulent meat. 

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Cod and Prawn Burger with Crispy Pancetta

The fish burger at its finest, you can also serve this with chips and a piquant tartare sauce for a homage to the great British classic. Quick to whip up and packed with delicious ingredients, it’s a great choice for a sunny afternoon BBQ.

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Chicken Shish

Taking less than 30 minutes to prepare and cook, these shish kebabs are one of the easiest ways to barbecue meat thanks to the skewer which makes turning them over a cinch. Stuff into flatbreads and add relish for BBQ chicken heaven. 

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BBQ Sides

BBQ Sweetcorn with Pineapple and Chilli Salsa

BBQ side dishes just got better. Fruity and fiery, this “more, please” dip with corn-on-the-cob makes the perfect accompaniment to all things barbecued. 

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Jersey Royals with Herb Salsa and Anchovies

Trust us when we say once you’ve added anchovies to your barbecue recipe repertoire, you’ll never look back. With waxy seasonal British potatoes and handfuls of fresh herbs, this dish makes a wonderful addition to any summer feast.

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Herby Griddle Bread

An easy flour, yoghurt and olive oil mixture that takes just 20 minutes to prepare, these tasty flatbreads can be cooked on the BBQ in a cast-iron pan. Fold chopped garlic into the dough for added flavour or simply serve with a scattering of sea salt. 

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Drinks & Desserts

Classic Sangria

Fruity and refreshing, this Spanish classic makes a great barbecue beverage. It can also be batch-prepared in advance, with ice, soda water and fruit added at the last minute. You can also swap the soda water for prosecco or cava.

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Sloe Gin and Tonic Lollies

These sunset-hued lollies taste as good as they look and make an easy dessert for a barbecue menu. Add whole fresh blackberries to the lolly moulds before freezing for added panache. 

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Watermelon Lemonade

A fantastically refreshing combination and a great choice for BBQ parties as you can offer a non-alcoholic and an alcoholic version of the same drink. Just add gin and tonic instead of soda.

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Whether a summer party with friends or a family gathering, a BBQ can make the centre of any occasion. These delicious barbecue recipes are packed with fresh ingredients as well as being surprisingly easy to make, so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time in the sun. Head on over to the recipe section for more BBQ menu ideas and foodie inspiration.

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