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Mak Tok Malaysian recipes

Meet Will Chew, the founder and heart of Mak Tok, the Malaysian chilli paste. As an amateur cook with a passion for food, Will was missing his mum’s cooking so set on a mission to popularise Malaysian cuisine to the world through his artisan chilli paste (sambal) company. A real family affair, the brand is even named after his grandmother.

Garlic Soy Bok Choy

The perfect to start our Malaysian food journey.

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Homemade sweet chilli egg tofu

We love this for Meat Free Mondays but it tastes great every day of the week.

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Malaysian Grilled Fish

Perfect for a light Saturday evening bite or for date night for two, just add wine.

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Sticky pork ball rice

Ready in less than 30 minutes, we advise making extra for lunch the next day!

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Soyaberry shaved ice

Top tip alert from our friends at Mak Tok. This easy-to-make Malaysian shaved ice is perfect for a light dessert or a pleasing palette cleanser between courses.

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Bubur Som Som

We love this traditional Malaysian rice pudding.

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