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recipes for Your Roast Dinner Leftovers

Is there anything better than a meal that goes even further than you thought it would? Leftovers are really handy for meal prepping, snacks, and, if you’re clever enough, even brand new meals. You’re not only getting more for your money, but you’re reducing food waste, too. Get some ideas for your next post-feast dish with these recipes.

Ultimate Turkey Pho

This Vietnamese dish is a brilliant way to use up the last of the meat from your Easter roast. It’s really versatile, so you can use any meat you like – including lamb, chicken and fish.
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Cheeseboard Toastie

Get ready for the easiest, cheesiest cheese toastie ever. Seriously – it’s cheesy.

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Lamb Stew

You can make this stew year-round, if you’ve got lamb knocking about after Easter, why not give it a go?

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Za’atar veg & lentil bowls with tahini yogurt

Easter veg hanging around after your family lunch? No problem. Use your leftover carrots, parsnips, or whatever’s still in the fridge to whip up this veg and lentil bowl.

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Halloumi, Brussels Sprout & Sweetcorn Fritters

It’s easy to switch the sprouts in this MOB Kitchen recipe for an alternative, like courgettes, red onion or spinach. And let’s face it – everything tastes better with halloumi.

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1. Plan ahead

Get ahead for Easter by making sure you don’t over-order and end up with an overflowing fridge – plan what you’re actually going to eat. 

2. Compost your waste

Get composting. It’s the best way to avoid having unnecessary bags of food waste. Google will tell you how to get going, without having to order a special compost bin.

3. Use your leftovers

Dare we say that meals made from leftovers are often better than the Roast dinner itself? Either way, get creative with MOB’s flavour-packed Turkey Pho, or get competitive and see which family member can make the best leftover-sandwich. There are tons of ideas for how to use your leftovers online – and if all else fails, you can always freeze a couple of portions for a rainy day.

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