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Discover your new Favourite Small Supplier

Mix up your dinner decisions with our line-up of brands that’ll treat your tastebuds and make your regular shop a little more interesting. And it’s not all food and drink, either. Discover a wellbeing brand inspired by recipes passed down from the founders’ grandparents, and another that’s creating ethically sourced cleaning materials. Explore our favourite small suppliers on-site here.

The Black Farmer

The Black Farmer brand specialises in British meat, plus goodies for those with Coeliac disease and wheat and gluten intolerances. Wilfred bought his farm in Cornwall back in 1999. His neighbours coined ’The Black Farmer’ name and his brand idea was born. In 2004 Wilfred launched the brand, which celebrates his passion for British farming, bold flavours and drives support for Black heritage and culture in Britain. Wilfred’s mission was simple: to create the best tasting gluten-free food at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy it. His award-winning gluten-free sausages have been recognised for their outstanding flavour and The Black Farmer range has expanded to include chicken, antibiotic-free pork, turkey, eggs and coffee. All of which are available at Ocado.

Read more about the The Black Farmer here and browse some recipes below to explore ways to cook with their delicious range.

Sausage and Bean Casserole

The Black Farmer’s juicy bangers are the perfect choice of sausage for this warming casserole.

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Sausage and Fennel Fusilli

Having a delicious and speedy pasta recipe up your sleeve is an easy way to win at dinnertime.

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Ore’s Sticky Chinese Pork Belly

Whip up a hunger-halting dinner with Ore Aduba’s favourite MOB Kitchen recipe.

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Mindful Bites

Mindful Bites believe there’s a better way to enjoy your favourite foods – through mindful eating. Good eating is all about doing it with intention, and knowing where your food comes from. Mindful Bites don’t just rely on just one ingredient – this brand knows that variety is the best way to support the future of agricultural biodiversity and food security. It helps support small farmers and their wider communities, from African women harvesting baobab to escape extreme poverty, to the resilient maca growers on top of the Andes in Peru. Alongside all this, they’re determined to make their sustainably sourced produce taste just as good as all the rest. Check out these recipes ideas and cook with the Mindful Bites delicious chocolate spread.

Explore their range.

Cashew and Chocolate Wholemeal Cookies

Crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle, you won’t be able to get enough of these cookies.

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Ginger Biscuits with Chocolate Cream Filling

These crunchy-on-the-outside biscuits are a chocolatey alternative to your standard ginger snap.

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Gluten-Free Churros with Chocolate Dip

This sugary snack is dairy and gluten-free. Use Mindful Bites spread to make them vegan.

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The Tomato Stall

The Tomato Stall has been growing this fruit-not-vegetable on the Isle of Wight for over 30 years. The Isle of Wight’s surrounded-by-sea climate – and The Tomato Stall’s southern location on the island – helps them grow some of Britain’s tastiest tomatoes. The brand’s Head Growers have 50 years’ experience between them, growing up to 200 varieties of tomato each year. They ensure all the tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine and are picked at the peak of their flavour, in a growing system that’s completely biodegradable. They use nature-friendly farming techniques, too. Think natural predators to control pests, and plants pollinated by bumblebees native to the UK. The real seal of approval? The Tomato Stall works with the LEAF organisation – Linking Environment with Farming – who support farms in ensuring that food is grown sustainably, with care for the environment. Explore some of our recipes where you can make use of their delicious tomatoes.

Discover their range.

Meera’s Quick Coconut Dhal with Tomato Sambol

Finish off this creamy curry from Meera Sodha’s kitchen with her tomato topping.

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Tomato, Tuna and Curry with Basmati Rice

Discover how tomato and tuna come together to create one big bowl of deliciousness.

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Spicy Prawn and Cherry Tomato Spaghetti

The tomatoes in this pasta dish get an extra boost of flavour from the white wine.

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Health, beauty, and home

If you’re ready to change up your skincare routine or switch to household products that are better for the environment, we’ve got you covered. Discover the brands winning awards, changing industry standards, and creating cruelty-free products.

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Discover more of our small suppliers here.

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