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Black History month: introducing The Black Farmer

Black History Month is an important time to celebrate the contributions and achievements of Black people in the UK. In this post we’re highlighting the incredible work of one of our Black suppliers, The Black Farmer, real name: Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones.

The backstory

Wilfred bought his farm in Cornwall back in 1999. His neighbours coined ’The Black Farmer’ name and his brand idea was born. In 2004 Wilfred launched The Black Farmer brand, which celebrates his passion for British farming, bold flavours and drives support for Black heritage and culture in Britain.  

The products

Wilfred’s brand mission was simple: to create the best tasting gluten-free food at affordable prices, so everyone can enjoy it. His award-winning gluten-free sausages have been recognised for their outstanding flavour and The Black Farmer range has expanded to include chicken, antibiotic-free pork, turkey, eggs and coffee. All of which are available at ocado.com.

The innovation 

We pick our suppliers because they have something special about them – we love Wilfred for his unique brand and approach. He’s not only innovated in fresh meats and produce, he continues to challenge stereotypes within his industry and raise awareness of the role Black people have played in British history. 

Wilfred is currently leading an initiative to have Black History Month celebrated as a key event in the calendar. When you buy his Jerk Chicken and Jerk Pork products, 10p of every sale will be split equally between two charities: The Black Cultural Archives and the Mary Seacole Trust.

We stock over 25 delicious products from The Black Farmer. Be sure to add one (or several) to your next shop.

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