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Brilliant bread: recipes to use up leftover bread

Thanks to our food waste diaries , we know bread is one of the top-wasted foods. In fact, 14% of our diary keepers said it was their most-wasted food item and 20% of the bread they threw away was going stale. 

As a nation of bread lovers, (remember the bread flour shortage this year?) it will be a relief to know there’s a lot we can do to avoid binning usable bread. 

We recommend keeping bakery items in the freezer so they last longer. Simply pop them in the toaster or microwave to defrost, as and when you need. If you buy or make loaves of bread, slice them up before freezing. Bread already on the stale side? Whizz it up into breadcrumbs and store in the freezer to use later. 

Many recipes call for stale rather than fresh bread, we’ve put together our favourites below.

Sweet Spiced French Toast Fingers

Dry bread is best for french toast. Add cinnamon, cardamom and orange zest to the batter to make it special.

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Breadcrumb ‘Parmesan’

Italians love this easy to make parmesan substitute – just sprinkle this flavourful, textural topping over pasta or veg.

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Cherry Tomatoes Baked with Feta and Torn Bread

A lovely lazy lunch made for eating alfresco. It’s as simple as tossing all the ingredients into a tray and grilling.

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