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Vegan treats: oh so sweet

Making our way through January, we’re approaching the date when most people tend to ditch their new year’s diets (aka 17th Jan). Need a sweet treat? Us too. Luckily, our friends at Sweet Freedom have shared some recipes to help satisfy your cravings. All vegan and made with natural sweeteners, you can indulge without giving up on your resolutions completely.


Eating cake from a mug is just a little bit more fun. Try this recipe for a chocolatey hit, and with sweet, sweet raspberries. Mmm.

Get the recipes >

Dark Chocolate Apricot and Almond Cookies

Hit the sweet spot with these oh-so-delicious cookies. Go on, have another one.

Get the recipes >

CHOC SHOT Biscuit Bars

You’ll love biting into these crumbly, chocolatey coconut-based biscuit bars. Remember to share.

Get the recipes >

Gingerbread Doughnuts

Make plant-based taste incredibile with these snowy gingerbread doughnuts; a treat for adults and kids alike.

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Caramel Blondies

Nutritious and full of fibre… yes, you’re still reading about desserts.

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Looking for more inspiration? Have a look through your kitchen cupboards, and we bet you’ll find some products that are alrady vegan!

Explore our ‘accidentally vegan’ favourites here >

Check out Sweet Freedom’s full range here

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