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Baking Recipes Perfect For Sharing

Cakes are designed to share. And what’s better than a classic Victoria sponge? Or maybe a gluten-free honey cake. Or both?

Victoria Sponge with Limoncello Cream

Spiked with lemon liqueur and custardy lemon curd, this classic gets a citrus lift.

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Ginger Biscuits with Chocolate Cream Filling

Sandwiched with chocolate buttercream, these are more than your average gingernuts.

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This Middle Eastern delicacy is full of crunchy nuts and drenched in sweet, nectar-like honey.

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Ginger Lemon Freezer Cake

Immersing biscuits in cream makes them turn soft and cake-like, so this has the consistency of a sponge laden with frozen, citrussy cream.

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Gluten-Free Honey Cake

This simple, one-layer cake is dense, moist and syrupy. It uses almonds instead of flour, which gives it a rich, toasty texture.

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Courgette Cake with Pine Nuts, Lemon & Sultanas

This moist gluten- and dairy-free cake needs its cooling time to set, so don’t skip this bit!

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Blueberry and Blackberry Streusel

Streusel comes from the German for ‘sprinkle’. Try our easy take on a crumble-topped classic.

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