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Delicious Christmas Leftover Recipes

We love that period between Christmas and New Year’s Day when no one knows what day it is. Why? Because alongside sleeping in, bingeing on festive films, and working our way through the Christmas chocs, it’s the perfect opportunity to turn leftovers from Christmas dinner into something amazing. 

We’ve got lip-smacking solutions for your leftovers, including turkey-topped pizzas and cheese toasties. There’s a line-up of recipes perfect for the cranberry sauce that didn’t get used on Christmas Day. If you have any roasties still hanging around (unlikely, we know), there’s a recipe for those, too. 

And with so many side dishes on the table alongside your turkey and ham, or your veggie alternative, the possibilities are endless. Then there’s your leftover Christmas pudding. Have you ever made Christmas pudding scones or Christmas pudding ice cream? Now’s your chance. 

So say no to food waste and give your Christmas dinner a second lease of life with ideas for Boxing Day and beyond. 

Boxing Day Pizza

Don’t just make this recipe on Boxing Day – you can load up your pizza base with all your leftovers until you run out of them. Turkey works well but so does your leftover ham, pigs in blankets, and all your veg.

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Cheese Board Toastie

The iconic cheese board is a festive staple, and so is the follow-up cheese toastie. So grab all your leftovers and start melting your selection. Don’t forget the mayo for lovely golden bread and cranberry sauce for a sweet and fruity twist. 

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Za’atar Veg and Lentil Bowls with Tahini Yoghurt

Make this veggie bowl for lunch or dinner on a day when you want to mix up your leftovers. It’s perfect comfort food and completely reinvents your Christmas Day vegetables with za’taar, toasted pumpkin seeds, a tahini-yoghurt dressing and citrusy lentils. 

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Halloumi, Brussels Sprout and Sweetcorn Fritters

Here’s your new favourite way to eat Brussels sprouts and the best part is that it only takes 15 minutes to make. Squeaky, salty halloumi, sweet corn and spicy sriracha hot sauce transform the Christmas dinner staple into a delicious brunch staple. Eat as is, or load up with a fried or poached egg. 

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Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

We know leftover pudding is a rarity, but just in case you’ve got some, give this recipe a go. Combine cubes of Christmas pud with vanilla ice cream and then load it up with everything from chocolate chips, orange segments, frozen berries or a sprinkle of chopped nuts.

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Pigs in Blankets Dippy Egg Pots

This recipe from Lisa Faulkner is a delicious way to use your leftover pigs in blankets for a simple but impressive breakfast or brunch. Add leftover sausages to a ramekin along with spinach, butter, cream, mustard and eggs for a decadent dunker. 

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Christmas Stuffing Cannelloni

Cannelloni pasta is traditionally filled with ingredients such as spinach and ricotta or meat ragus, including beef. This recipe swaps the meat for leftover stuffing, but don’t worry, there’s still plenty of cheese involved. 

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Roasties Poutine

Another one from Lisa Faulkner – this time using leftover roast potatoes to recreate a Canadian classic. Poutine is Canada’s national dish – chips, served with gravy and cheese curds – and it’s often enjoyed as a treat at hockey games or after a night out. Lisa’s version is perfect for a rainy afternoon over the Christmas holidays.

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Christmas Pudding Drop Scones

Here’s another way to use leftover Christmas pudding. Drop scones, also known as Scotch pancakes, are a great way to introduce Christmas pud to kids and to get ahead for group brunches. Just sprinkle your crumbled pud over the batter when you pour it into the pan and add your favourite toppings. Brandy butter, anyone?

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