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Christmas vodka cocktails

When you think of festive drinks, the mind often goes straight to mulled wine, Buck’s Fizz or even a Snowball (if you’re feeling retro). Though they’re a fail-safe addition to your Christmas cocktail menu, there are many more festive mixes you should try, including anything, or everything, from this collection of vodka-based recipes. If you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy, we’ve got plenty more options over in our collection of vodka cocktails.

Vodka is the most versatile spirit in the drinks cabinet so it’s a staple in many cocktail recipes. Its clean taste acts as a chameleon when it comes to flavour, so whether it’s sweet, savoury or spicy you’re going for, a vodka base is a great place to start.

There’s The Clubland, with its simple mix of vodka and white port for a short, sippable tipple. Or, if you’d like to enjoy something special after Christmas dinner, a smooth, coffee-fuelled Espresso Martini is a good one to try.

Let’s not forget the growing popularity of flavoured vodka. Apple, raspberry, citrus… the list goes on. They’re fantastic for cocktail mixing, adding that extra splash of flavour. Vanilla vodka gives cocktails a smooth, sweet flavour, which seems just about perfect for the wintry festive season. Even adding a shot to a rich hot chocolate makes for a wonderful winter warmer. And, because it’s all about Christmas, we’ve got a delicious festive-flavoured vodka in the Christmas Spirit cocktail below – all the flavours of Christmas pudding in a drink.

Grab your cocktail mixer, let’s dive in…


Our love for blended names can even stretch to cocktails, and this one’s a keeper. By switching out the classic Cosmopolitan’s orange liquor for ginger wine, you get a simple yet spicy festive cocktail that will leave you wanting more. Garnish with a twist of orange peel to finish the look. (Bennifer would definitely approve.)

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Bloody Mary

Enjoy a cocktail with some serious Christmas punch, courtesy of this Bloody Mary recipe. It’s got vodka, tomato juice and Worcestershire sauce as you’d expect, but we’re kickin’ it up a notch with the addition of pickled chilli peppers and chilli flakes – and a drop or two of Tabasco, of course. Warming and delicious is an understatement. 

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Christmas Spirit

If you’re a fan of flavoured vodka, this Christmas cocktail is right up your (snow-covered) street. Black Crow’s Christmas Spirit is Christmas pudding in vodka form. They macerate the ingredients of Christmas pudding in their creamy, pure milk vodka allowing it to absorb all the rich, fruity flavours. Pour in a glass, top with champagne and you’re good to go.

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Espresso Martini

Why not impress your guests with a cocktail in place of the after-dinner coffee? Strong and smooth, this will be a hit with caffeine-loving guests. It’s best served cold, so remember to prepare the espresso beforehand and let it chill. Shake well to make sure you get the creamy, foam top when poured. 

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L’espresso Martini

Another good switch for the after-dinner coffee is this decadent cocktail full of rich vanilla flavour. Smooth Grey Goose La Vanille mixed with espresso and a coffee liqueur. This recipe will tick all the boxes for flavour with a shot of espresso in case you need an energy boost after the big feast.

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The Clubland

Just two ingredients make this strong, simple cocktail. The perfect mix of vodka and dry, white port. Why not serve with a splash of cocktail knowledge by telling guests it was created by William J Tarling, and first appeared in the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book. 

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Vodka Ruby

This bright, festive cocktail is bursting with citrus for an appetite-boosting drink. Blood orange juice gives it an inviting colour and strong flavour. Whether you serve these at your Christmas party or on Christmas itself, it will surely invigorate the taste buds on the big day. 

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The Twinkle

Toast the season in style with this elegant cocktail, perfect for Christmas or New Year’s get-togethers. Floral elderflower cordial sweetens the crispness of the champagne for the perfect 1920s-inspired mix. Garnish with rose petals to wow guests with a glam drink that looks just as amazing as it tastes. 

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As well as delving into the delicious world of Christmas vodka cocktail recipes, we have lots more festive drinks inspiration for you to enjoy. Make sure you take a look at our Christmas cocktail ideas for gin, prosecco, champagne and Baileys. Or if you’re more of a mocktails drinker, we’ve got that covered too. 

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