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Christmas Gin Cocktails

Channel your inner bartender this festive season and wow your friends and family (and yourself) with boozy brilliance. Our round-up of Christmas gin cocktails is a great place to start if mulled wine is a no-go and you need a bit of inspiration. And if you can’t find anything that tickles your fancy, don’t forget to browse our full collection of gin cocktails.

If you thought gin was limited to the classic G&T, think again (we do love a G&T though). There’s a whole bunch of festive cocktails to be made with gin as a base, like our Christmas Three (not tree). Made with gin, dry sparkling wine and ginger cordial, it’s perfect if you’re looking for something familiar and simple, but with a Christmassy twist. Why not enjoy it while you’re decorating the tree?

Then there’s the Clover Club. Red in colour and served in a martini glass, this one’s a great welcome drink for your Christmas party. It’s also much easier to make than it looks, which will score you a few bonus points with your guests.

And let’s not forget about the Rosemary Gingle Bell. If the name alone doesn’t put a smile on your face, your first sip of this refreshing drink will. You’ll get bitterness, sweetness and citrus flavours all in one and it’s absolutely delicious. Best enjoyed with some tunes on the side, if you ask us.

Pear and Port

Festive and refreshing, this is the ultimate party season drink. Made with sweet rich port and fruity pear juice, it’s given a slightly bitter edge from gin and the tonic water to balance it out. We think it’s best enjoyed in front of an open fire with a cheese board and good company. 

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Gin Alexander

Bring back ol’ Alexander with our take on this cocktail classic. Thought to have originated in the 20th century, the Alexander is characterised by a mix of gin, cream and chocolate liquor. We’ve used chocolate syrup in our version, giving it an added touch of sweetness. Yum.

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Clover Club

The fresh, aromatic and citrus notes of Gin Sul make this party favourite gin cocktail the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Plus, the muddled raspberries give it a reddish look which makes it ideal to serve up at your next Christmas mixer.

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Classic G&T

We can’t write a gin-focused blog without talking about the mother of all gin cocktails – the classic G&T. All you need is a bottle of gin, good quality tonic water, some ice cubes and your choice of garnish (we like to mix lemon and lime zest). Happy Christmas.

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Rosemary Gingle Bell

See what we did there? Have yourself a very merry Christmas with this easy-to-make Christmas cocktail recipe. Expect a balanced blend of bitterness, sweetness and citrus flavours, all finished off with a botanical twist of rosemary. Just mix it all up and serve – preferably while singing along to Jingle Bells.

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The Gin Martini

You won’t need a long shopping list for this cocktail, only gin and vermouth and possibly a comfy chair to enjoy it in. Although this gin martini drink is very simple, we think it’s definitely a contender for ‘the king of cocktails’ title. We’ll leave the voting to you though. Try it as a pre-drink to your Christmas dinner.

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Pink Pomegranate G&T

Put a festive slant on an old-time favourite with this delicious recipe. Pomegranate molasses and pink tonic water give it a Christmassy look and taste that’s sure to please a crowd. Best enjoyed with a dash of lemon juice and lots of ice. A great twist on a classic.

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Christmas Three

Yes, you read that right. So what’s with the name? Well, they say good things come in threes, which in this case means gin, dry sparkling wine and ginger cordial. Mix it all together and garnish with a cinnamon stick and orange peel for a perfect Christmas tipple.

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Rhubarb and Ginger Mule

Grab a bottle of Warner’s Rhubarb Gin and you’re halfway there to making this refreshing cocktail. The addition of ginger ale and sugar syrup gives it a festive, sweet taste with a slice of lime as the cherry on top. Make this one your Christmas staple.

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There’s nothing like a Negroni, don’t you agree? Bittersweet with a beautiful, Christmassy hue, this is the kind of cocktail that both whets the appetite and pleases the eye. So if you fancy an Italian touch on your Christmas cocktail menu, this is a great one to add.

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Ready to start mixing? Grab your cocktail shaker and carry on scrolling to see what ideas below might make it onto your festive drinks menu. Not that you have to choose – we recommend giving them all a shot. And if you’re looking for more drinks inspiration, we’ve got Christmas cocktail ideas for vodka, prosecco, champagne and Baileys, plus mocktails.

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