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The Eco Shop is open

We know how important the environment is to our customers, so we’ve handpicked the products that can help make your weekly shop a little greener. 

Our shiny and new Eco Shop is split into four handy categories, so you know what each of our featured brands are doing to minimise their environmental impact.

Thoughtful Packaging

All the items you’ll find here have reduced or more sustainable packaging compared to similar products. EcoWarrior soap is a great example – their bars are simply wrapped in a recyclable box, to help eliminate single use plastic bottles from our bathrooms.

Responsible Ingredients

These products are specifically designed to be environmentally sensitive. Either by using natural and biodegradable ingredients, or more ethically-sourced materials. Just like Delphis, a certified B Corp brand producing eco-friendly cleaning products.

Fight Food Waste

Products found in this aisle are focussed on reducing food waste. This may be by using ingredients that would otherwise go to waste (like wonky veg) or they may be from a brand that has a strong food waste policy. Take ChicP’s sustainable (and delicious) houmous, for example. 

Greener Lifestyle

It’s easy to make more sustainable choices with these items. Here you’ll find greener alternatives to more mainstream products, like OceanSaver’s revolutionary cleaning concentrate, EcoDrops. 

Explore our Eco Shop and start making greener choices today.

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