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Ocado Own Range: Your Questions Answered

You may have noticed that our Own Range packaging is looking extra snazzy lately. We’ve updated our tins, packets, boxes and punnets so they look even better on your shelves. Plus, we’ve made some of them even more sustainable or recyclable. 

What will the new packaging mean for prices?

Even though our Our Own Range packaging has changed, our prices haven’t. We’re committed to bringing you great value on the Own Range products you know and love. You’ll also spot our red pound icon on many Own Range products. This icon lets you know which products we’re delivering value on. There are hundreds of them to find across the website, including fresh food, cleaning products, frozen and much more.

What products will be included in your Own Range? Will it stay the same?

We’re constantly reviewing and adding to our Own Range to make sure you can shop for all the products you need. With over 550 products currently available, there’s something for everyone – from free range eggs for your brunch to Fairtrade bananas for the Kids’ lunchboxes.

How many Own Range products are there?

There are over 550 Own Range products to shop from right now – and we’re planning on growing this selection with even more quality products in the future.

What has changed for the Ocado Own Range?

We’ve redesigned our Own Range packaging, but our top-rated quality and prices are staying the same. What’s more, redesigning our Own Range packaging wasn’t just about making everything look beautiful – we’ve also improved the sustainability of our packaging materials where we can.

How sustainable is the new packaging? Is it recyclable?

So far, we’ve removed 27 tonnes of plastic, 10 tonnes of paper and at least 9 million non-essential packaging components. Here’s just a few of the improvements we’ve made so far:

  • Avocados are now packaged in a pulp tray with recyclable film.
  • Stone fruits (like peaches and plums) no longer have nets or the huge labels attached with metal closures. They now arrive in a recyclable punnet with a film lid.
  • Toilet tissue and kitchen towels are now made of 30% recycled plastic (saving 11 tonnes of virgin plastic).
  • Egg boxes are now white and printed, eliminating the need for labels and making them easier to recycle.

Will Own Range products be as good as branded alternatives?

Many of our Own Range products have excellent customer ratings for both their value and quality. Our top-rated products include:

Are Own Range products held to the same standard as branded items?

Every brand has their own, specific standards that they follow. For our Own Range, we’re committed to bringing you quality items that are sourced or created in a safe and sustainable way. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • We use British ingredients and support British farmers wherever we can.
  • We try to reduce allergen ingredients as much as possible.
  • We keep packaging to an absolute minimum, whilst maintaining the best quality and working towards using easily recycled materials.
  • Ocado Own Range fish is responsibly and sustainably sourced.
  • Our eggs are free range, come from RSPCA Assured farms and carry the British Lion mark.
  • All our bananas are Fairtrade.
  • Our tea and coffee always comes from a verified sustainable source, like Fairtrade or the Rainforest Alliance.
  • All our cheese and liquid milk is sourced from British Red Tractor farms.
  • All palm oil used must be sustainable and certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). 
  • Where we use soya as an ingredient, it must be certified as GM-free and from a traceable (or identity-preserved) source.

Why should I buy Ocado Own Range?

Not only does our new packaging look really snazzy on your shelves – there are lots of reasons to try Ocado Own Range. Many of our Own Range products are top-rated by other shoppers. Plus, you’ll always find a fair price on what matters – from basics like milk and fruit, to household cleaning products.

Where can I find Own Range items?

Take a look at our selection of over 550 products (and growing!) by clicking here.

Who makes Ocado Own Range items?

We’ve carefully selected a range of highly experienced suppliers to create Ocado Own Range products. We’ve chosen them because they understand and provide the food safety, quality and value our customers expect.

Why doesn’t every product have new packaging?

Lots of our Own Range products have already had their packaging updated. There will be more and more to spot in the next few months as we slowly introduce new packaging across the range. So make sure you pop back to check out the newbies.

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