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Recycle Week is here

We’re proud to support Recycle Week, hosted by the fantastic Recycle Now between 21st–27th September. This year’s campaign focuses on the theme ‘Together – We Recycle’ and celebrates recycling key workers, who have carried on and continued to help us recycle, while the world has slowed down around them. To celebrate all things recycling, we’ve put together some sustainability-themed posts to help you get inspired:

Recycle Week Tips

Find out more about Recycle Week along with tips on how to recycle.

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Bag recycling

Find out more about our bag recycling scheme (spoiler: it’s back!) and if you’re short on carrier bag space, learn how to make bag samosas..

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Food waste

You’ll find lots of ways to reduce food waste on the blog, including some excellent fridge storage tips and a whole host of recipes that make the most of leftovers.

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Eco Shop

Learn about our new Eco Shop, where you’ll find products with thoughtful packaging– this includes both items with reduced packaging and those with packaging made from recycled materials.

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