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Working towards Net Zero emissions by 2040

Here at Ocado, sustainability is one of our top priorities and we know how important it is to you too. That’s why we’re one of 16 retailers to join The British Retail Consortium (BRC) steering committee to develop a Climate Roadmap to prioritise our target of Net Zero carbon emissions by 2040. 

Our targets are ambitious, but they have to be. We recognise the need for urgent action and to come together to make a difference. We’ve worked with the BRC to create the Climate Roadmap below, which details how we can progress towards Net Zero, within Ocado Retail and the whole UK retail industry.

The launch of this Climate Roadmap represents the start of the Net Zero journey for the industry, from which an ongoing programme will follow to help achieve these targets. These are the five main ways we’ll work with the BRC to get there:

  1. Make sure that greenhouse gases (GHG) data and our Net Zero targets underpin our core business decisions. 
  2. Operate energy-efficient distribution centres and vehicles powered by renewables. 
  3. Move to low-carbon fuel vehicles. 
  4. Sustainably source raw materials, including non-food materials such as plastic.
  5. Help our employees and customers live low-carbon lifestyles. 

What does it mean for you?

We’ll progress from increasing plant-based products to give you sustainable choices, to working towards providing better product-specific information so you can make informed decisions about what you buy. We’ll promote sustainable, healthy diets; waste reduction at home; and promote the circular economy, helping you achieve a lifestyle that’s sustainable. 

2040 Vision

At Ocado we agree with the BRC, that by 2040, the BRC believes our lifestyles and shopping habits will have changed dramatically for the better:

  • Reusable packaging and refill systems will be the norm.
  • Household food waste will be almost eliminated.
  • We’ll eat low-carbon, healthy diets. 
  • All retail products will use sustainable forestry.
  • Clear carbon labelling and information will empower you to make low-carbon choices.
  • Local zero-carbon manufacturing will dramatically shorten supply chains.
  • UK shops, homes, warehouses and logistics will all be powered by renewable energy sources.
  • The circular UK economy will provide low-carbon materials to manufacture retail products.
  • You’ll be offered personalised zero-carbon products that are tailored to your needs.

 To read more about the roadmap click here

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