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Booking slots like a pro

Becoming a black belt in Ocado shopping doesn’t take years of training. Follow our top tips below and you can shop and secure the slots you want every week, without breaking a sweat.

Book ahead

There’s one sure-fire way to bag the slots you want: book further in advance. Use the ‘Next 3 days’ button on the slot booking page to view and book several slots ahead of time.

Use Instant Shop

Fill your trolley in minutes. Instant Shop creates a ‘suggested order’ for you, based on products you like to buy, how often you like to buy them, and even how many of them you usually buy. You can, of course, edit your ‘suggested order’, so you’re always in complete control.

Shop in one session

The earlier you complete your order and check out, the better your product availability will be. We recommend filling your trolley and checking out everything you need in one session, rather than editing multiple times or at the last minute. 

Add some Ocado Regulars

Ordering the same products each week? Make them Ocado Regulars and they’ll be added to your trolley every Monday, or as often as you like. It’s totally free, and is great for remembering items you love and for helping you shop faster.

Create Shopping Lists

Fly through your next shop with Shopping Lists. Make lists for a recipe or occasion, then add everything on your list to your trolley in one go. To start a list, go to ocado.com > My Ocado > Shopping Lists or select Meals & Lists on the app.

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