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Your Guide To Ocado Reserved

You might have heard about Ocado Reserved, and how it helps you ‘Save the date every week.’

Ocado Reserved does exactly that. It’s a service that automatically books your delivery slot either weekly or fortnightly (depending on what you’ve chosen). It then fills in your order with items that you regularly buy. Never miss out on a slot again with hassle-free booking and your preferred slot secured every time. 

It’s designed to make your life simpler by doing all the booking for you – although you can always edit your order before the cut off time. You just have to remember to keep the value of your order above £40.

Have a read of the FAQs below to find out more about Ocado Reserved.

How does Ocado Reserved work?

  1. Head to the Ocado Reserved section on our site.
  2. Confirm the address you want us to deliver to.
  3. Select weekly or fortnightly service.
  4. Choose a day of the week and a time slot that you want to book in.
  5. Confirm your payment method – and then you’re all set!

Is Ocado Reserved free to use?

Yes! Ocado Reserved is an automatic system that books your deliveries in advance, so you can bag your favourite spot every week. However, you’ll still need to pay for your deliveries as normal.

How long does it take for Ocado Reserved to be set up?

Once you’ve set up Reserved, it will start booking from 30 days out. So if you would like any bookings before then, you will need to do so manually. It’s absolutely free to use and costs nothing on top of your usual delivery costs.

Can I pause or cancel Ocado Reserved?

Ocado Reserved also lets you cancel anytime you like, or pause the system if you’re going away. You can do either of these things by heading to the ‘Easy Shopping’ homepage tab, clicking on Ocado Reserved and scrolling through the settings. You can then add in holiday dates on which to pause your order or cancel the service altogether.

If you want to make your weekly bookings a regular thing, Ocado Reserved is for you. Sign up now to get your first order in the next 30 days. Otherwise, if you have any more questions, we’ve got a few extra FAQs available below.

If I no longer want an item in my order. How do I stop it being added to every delivery?

Under ‘Easy Shopping’, select ‘Reserved’, followed by ‘Suggested Order’, then select the item you no longer want. Here’s where it gets good: you can change the frequency of an item to ‘Never’, or set things up for an occasional delivery if you don’t always want it. And, if something is really important, clicking ‘Always’ makes sure you get your favourite items in every shop. 

Can I change the date or time of my Ocado Reserved delivery?

You can! Once your regular Ocado Reserved order has been made, just update the date or time of a single delivery slot the usual way, via ‘Change Delivery’. If you’d like to amend all future dates or times, you can do this in your Account Settings.

Sign up to Ocado Reserved now by clicking here.


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