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M&S Your questions answered

This September, we’re welcoming Marks & Spencer products and replacing Waitrose ones. It will create our biggest and best range ever and we think you’ll love it.

Naturally, you’ll want to know exactly how it will affect your weekly shop so we’ve put all your questions in one handy place.

When will I be able to shop for M&S products? 

You’ll be able to shop for nearly 6,000 M&S products at Ocado from Tuesday, 1st September. Plus, we’ll continue adding hundreds of exciting lines beyond that, so you’ll have more choice than ever before.

What products will I no longer be able to buy from Ocado? 

From September this year we’ll no longer sell the 4,000 Waitrose Own Brand products we currently stock. Virtually every Waitrose product removed will be replaced by an existing M&S product, or a new one that is being specifically developed by M&S. The only products that won’t be replaced are the low-sellers that would naturally have been removed in our range’s normal evolution.

We’re focussed on remaining the supermarket with the best and widest choice, so all our other ranges and brands are staying. We’ll continue to stock big and small brands, smaller suppliers, organic producers, and Ocado own-label products you love.

I’ll miss the Waitrose and Waitrose Essential lines. Will these be replaced?

Yes. We’ll make sure that virtually all Waitrose Own Brand products, from the premium range to the Essentials range, will have like-for-like product replacements, matching or improving the quality and value in every case. Waitrose Essentials lines will be replaced with an M&S product of near-identical specification.

I thought M&S had a smaller range, with a focus on ready meals and convenience food. Will I be able to do a full shop?

Yes, you will. Waitrose products currently make up less than 10% of our food range. The other 90% is made up of Ocado own-label, big brands and small suppliers. This includes brands exclusive to Ocado, like Daylesford, which in fact account for the majority of our most popular products.

M&S have a great range of prepared meals and on-the-go foods, but there’s a lot more to their range than that. They have a huge fresh offering and have strong relationships with some of the country’s best fresh food producers and suppliers. So, while M&S will replace virtually every Waitrose product on ocado.com, you’ll also be able to shop for additional M&S products you can’t get anywhere else.

M&S are recognised as the best product developers in the industry and are creating over 1,000 new items that will launch in September. These will fill any gaps and include lots of regular, great-value lines to directly replace Waitrose products.

Will your range of vegan and organic products be affected?

No – we’ll still be the organic supermarket of choice with over 200 organic own-label products and over 5,000 items from popular, customer-favourite organic suppliers such as Biona and Daylesford.

As for vegan, we will still offer over 6,000 vegan items. If it’s a vegan item from Waitrose you’re thinking of, it will be replaced with an equivalent M&S product. We’ll also be including the exciting M&S Plant Kitchen range, which means our plant-based range will be better than ever.

We’ll continue to live our philosophy of catering for many different speciality diets such as free-from, international cuisines, halal and kosher. We pride ourselves on making it easy to shop for the food and drink you want and need – that’ll never change.

Will the new range mean my weekly shop will cost more?

We’ll continue to offer the same great value, through a range that respects the pockets of all customers. For example, our Low Price Promise will continue to check your comparable shopping against the listed prices at tesco.com (including offers). From September, comparable M&S products will be included. As ever, if your shopping would have been cheaper on tesco.com, we give you a voucher back for more than the difference (right up to £10). If you shop for similar products, you won’t notice a difference in your weekly bill.

Will products really be the same quality as Waitrose? 

We know Ocado customers love great quality products, so rest assured that when M&S comes on board, our range available at ocado.com will be of a higher quality than ever before.

M&S’s food quality is fantastic: they’re rated number 1 on quality food in UK grocery. 8 out of 10 M&S customers agree M&S sell great quality food. (Kantar Millward Brown survey 2018-19)

That’s why we’re certain that come September, you’ll be able to enjoy our best ever range.

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