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Food waste: four simple no-waste recipes

Did you know the average UK family of four loses £60 a month to food waste? To help you reduce your food waste and save money, we’ve put together four simple recipes that are quick to make (read: perfect for busy weeknights) and include super handy tips to reduce any leftovers.

Smoky Chicken Thighs with Sweetcorn Salad

Paprika brings a smoky flavour to this easy take on piri piri chicken.

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Speedy Spelt Pizza

This simple, nutty dough is a cinch to prepare and is a great base for leftover veggies.

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Grilled Aubergines with Tahini and Roasted Garlic Sauce and Harissa Couscous

Make extra sauce – it’s our secret weapon for leftovers.

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Marsala-Fried Figs with Whipped Vanilla Mascarpone and Toasted Almonds

Great for using up ripe fruit, you can also use plums and nectarines.

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