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Fb. In. Tw. Be.

Remember, remember the list of December.

You’ll find everything you could possibly need to create the ultimate Christmas just for you at Ocado. The problem is, you still have to remember to add everything to your order – and no matter how organised you are, there’s always that one thing that gets forgotten. To save us all from running out of crackers (the cheese kind and the kind that go ‘bang’), we’ve put together two lists of the most forgotten Christmas items. One is for meat-eaters and one is for vegetarians.

You can use our ‘List search’ tool to speedily find everything on your list:

  1. First, book a delivery slot arriving between 20th–24th December. 
  2. Next up, navigate to ‘Easy Shopping’ and then ‘List search’. Copy one of the two lists below (or your own list) and paste it into the list search box, then press ‘Search’. 
  3. Add what you need to your order. If not everything tickles your fancy, don’t worry, you can scroll past. Then check out once you’re all set.

Christmas with all the trimmings

Vegetarian Christmas with all the trimmings

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