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Drink inspiration for Dry January

Once the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s Eve have passed, going dry for January could be just what you want (and need). But fear not, we’ve got a great range of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks to replace your favourite tipple. So whether you’re going full-on dry or just moderating your intake, you won’t go thirsty with one of these alternatives. And for even more inspiration, check out these No & Low alcohol cocktails.

Non-alcoholic drinks

Aecorn Bitter Aperitif 0% ABV 50cl, £19.99

This grown-up drink is for anyone who prefers the flavours of a negroni. Aecorn Bitter is refreshing yet complex, with notes of grapefruit, bay leaf and orange. The best part? You can have plenty without the headache.

Seedlip Garden 108 Non-Alcoholic Spirit, £26

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic distilled spirit, this one from Seedlip is a great shout. With a complex and aromatic blend of hand-picked peas, homegrown hay and traditional English herbs, it’s a botanical dream that’ll tickle your palate.

Fluère Raspberry Non-Alcoholic Spirit 70cl, £17

Bursting with botanicals, this non-alcoholic spirit delivers a complex yet balanced flavour. Distilled, fresh raspberries give it a smooth and slightly sweet scent, and a lingering after-taste you’d normally only find in alcoholic drinks.

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc 0% ABV 750ml, £5

This no-alcohol sauvignon blanc comes with aromas of rich gooseberry and citrus, with a subtle grassy tone too. Medium-bodied but full-flavoured, its notes of passionfruit and lime deliver a persistent flavour that lingers on and on (and on).

Freixenet Alcohol Free Rosé 0% ABV 75cl, £5

For those who want to join the celebrations without the booze, this no-alcohol sparkling rosé from Freixenet is ideal. Fresh and fruity with floral notes and wild berry flavours, it’s a real palate-pleaser.

Sea Arch Drinks Coastal Juniper Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit 70cl, £24.95

This juniper-infused blend has all the deliciousness of gin but none of the alcohol. Inspired by Devon’s beautiful coastline, and made using traditional distillation techniques, the delicate balance of seaside botanicals gives an intense yet inviting depth of flavour.

Eisberg Alcohol Free Cabernet Sauvignon 0% ABV 75cl, £3,50

From the winemakers of Eisberg comes this cabernet sauvignon with distinct notes of ripe cassis and red berries. And with no alcohol whatsoever, it’s the perfect choice whenever you crave a glass of red.

Freestar 0% Alcohol Free Beer 330ml, £2

Who said Dry Jan and beer don’t go hand in hand? Just opt for this alcohol-free version from Freestar. Made with a blend of water, malted barley and perle hops plus a selection of natural ingredients, it’s a brilliant option even for the savviest of beer drinkers.

Low-alcohol drinks

Stowford Press Low-Alcohol Cider 0.5% ABV 330ml, £1.10

Calling all cider fans. This low-alcohol option is matured in old oak vats, and carefully blended for an authentic flavour of crisp apples. With zero artificial colours or sweeteners, it’s simply delicious.

Small Beer Session Pale 2.5% ABV 350ml, £2.15

Sustainably brewed in South Bermondsey, London, this session-style beer contains only the finest ingredients. It has bright citrus aromas and a mouthwateringly juicy taste, with a balanced hop finish – and it’s just 2.5% ABV.

Lindemans Semillon Chardonnay 0.5% ABV 75cl, £4

Lindemans is renowned for consistent quality and timeless appeal, and this chardonnay is no different. With fresh tropical and citrus fruit flavours, this drink is a great option either as an aperitif or to enjoy with seafood and chicken dishes.

Erdinger Low-Alcohol Lager Wheat beer 0.4% ABV 500ml, £1.30 

Bavarians take brewing seriously. They even have a purity law dating back to 1516 and any beer that holds its seal – like this light, refreshing isotonic brew – can only be made using a few high-quality, natural ingredients. Try it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Atopia Spiced Citrus Ultra Low-Alcohol Spirit 70cl, £20

Natural distillation and botanical extraction lie behind this citrus-flavoured spirit from Atopia. Despite containing almost no alcohol (0.5% ABV), it’s complex and sophisticated and ideal for mixing with your favourite tonic.

Go for something soft

Nexba Strawberry & Peach Kombucha, £2.50
When you want something sparkling but without an ounce of alcohol, kombucha is the way to go. This Australian-made one from Nexba is 100% natural and completely free of sugar too. Basically delicious fizz without the fizz (well, sort of).

San Pellegrino Essenza Sparkling Cherry Water 6 x 330ml, £3.19

With sparkling mineral water and natural cherry and pomegranate flavourings, this San Pellegrino thirst-quencher is a great alternative to alcoholic carbonated drinks.

Dash Water Sparkling Raspberry 4 x 330ml, £4.50

This British sparkling spring water is made of three simple ingredients; whole, misshapen raspberries for a summery dash of flavour, British spring water and bubbles. It’s fresh, free of sugars and tastes amazing.

Aqua Libra Infused Sparkling Water Cucumber, Mint & Lime, £3.99

You can’t go wrong with a refreshing glass of sparkling water. Infused with cucumber, mint and lime, this option from Aqua Libre is a real winner.

Feeling inspired? Try one of these cocktail recipes from Seedlip and Æcorn

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