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Suppliers with organic in mind

We don’t work with just anybody, especially when it comes to our organic suppliers. We make sure that the processes and practices that our suppliers adhere to are good for the planet and people alike.

Not to mention the most important factor of all: flavour that packs a natural punch. We’ve highlighted two standout suppliers from our extensive range below. These brands work diligently to provide a plethora of everyday organic essentials that can be added to your meals throughout Organic September and beyond. 

Wholly good Wholegood

Wholegood was established in 2007 by Carl Saxton-Pizzie in an attempt to disrupt the organic produce industry. He linked up with growers to create a full-cycle production line that is focused on reducing its own environmental impact.

Wholegood specialise in sourcing and supplying fresh organic fruit, vegetables and salad produce from organic farmers across the UK and EU. These flavoursome wholegoods come from farmers who truly care about the soil they grow, as much as the quality that it produces. The proof is in the eating.

Each item selected is purely based on flavour, so this means you might get a few characterful shapes in there. Looks are important, but when it comes to your recipes, we know that taste is even more so. With these oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables, you’ll make sure that nothing is wasted in the process.

One example of this is their Organic British Watercress, which is cut, bunched and wrapped on The Watercress Company farm in Dorset. Grown in mineral-rich spring water, from an ancient underground aquifer, so pure at source you can drink it, much of the work is still done by hand due to the nature of the watercress beds

Brilliant Borough Broth

Another standout producer in the organic food market is the Borough Broth Company. They are true believers in the using only the finest organic ingredients available in the UK, to create their award-winning bone broths.

From regular farm visits to their bone suppliers and butchers, through to running their own kitchen in London. This means they can meet the high standard set by the Soil Association from field through to fork (or spoon, in their case!).

Founded by Ros Heathcote in 2015, patience is key. Slow cooking and simple organic ingredients make for some of the best organic bone broths born out of London.

These rich broths are slow-cooked for a full 24 hours and seasoned to perfection. Slurp them in your noodles or splash them in a sauce – either way, they make for a nutritious and great-tasting alternative to the standard stock cube.

To discover more organic goodness from our sustainably-minded suppliers like these, explore our Organic September aisles now.

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