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Brands to Bag for Black Friday

Race you to the checkout this Black Friday, because we’ve got some incredible brands on sale at Ocado. This includes both sustainable and organic brands because, while we’re all scooping up gifts to bring joy to the world, we still want to protect the world to enjoy in the years to come.

Get that Black Friday buzz

Beefayre is dedicated to the natural power of the humble honeybee. By promoting the health and happiness of our bumbling friends, founder Sharon Jervis and team are promoting the wellbeing of people too. They do it with the soul-satisfying properties of natural plant wax candles, diffusers, bath products and more. And if that’s enough to keep you sweet as honey, Beefayre donates 3% of its profits to bee conservation and research. To be fair, that’s a pretty good deal.

Shop Beefayre’s Bee Happy range.

Put your faith back in nature

In case you’re losing a little faith in the world’s ability to provide sustainably-sourced products, here’s a solution that will have you beaming. From inside out, Faith in Nature is transforming there growing household range to be all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan too. They also use 100% recyclable packaging, which they did before it was cool – all the way back in 1999. That impact has reduced the plastic impact by 340 tonnes. And when you’re done primping, priming and beautifying with these products, you can send your empty bottles back to be reused, if you don’t have a refilling station nearby. Result.

Shop sustainably by choosing Faith and Nature.

Get your kids comfy with organic clothing

Now to add a splash of colour to that trolley. Frugi Organic thrives on the vibrancy of comfortable clothing. Frugi means ‘Fruits of the Earth’, which is how this 2004-founded brand gets its organic cotton. You’ll even find recycled materials like plastic bottles. Just don’t expect the texture of plastic to come through the breathable fabric. It’s kind to delicate skin, and no harmful chemicals are used in the process of breaking down the materials. You’ll even find everyday essentials for your studious young ones, like pencil cases, backpacks and lunch bags. You can shop with full confidence, knowing that a portion of their turnover goes to children’s charities every year – which has added up to a £720,000 difference made so far.

Shop Frugi’s wearable answer to the winter chills.

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