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March wellness with Lemsip: Cold and Flu

Get the lowdown on the difference between a cold and the flu – plus Lemsip’s best remedies. These nasties are both caused by a virus that infects your nose, throat and lungs – also known as your respiratory tract. They share a lot of the same symptoms, but they’re not the same (just ask someone who’s had the flu). The flu can leave you feeling exhausted for weeks, while colds are a lot milder. Despite this, there are 200 different cold viruses out there. In the UK, most adults get two or three colds a year.

telling the difference between a cold and the flu?

You’ll have a cold for a few days before you begin to experience the symptoms, and you’re infectious to others at this time. Those first tell-tale symptoms can include a runny nose, sneezing, or a scratchy, dry sore throat. You’ll probably feel tired and achy, and could have a blocked nose and pressure in your ears and face. The good news is, most colds don’t last for longer than a week. It also takes a few days for the flu to arrive once you’ve been infected, but the symptoms appear much faster than those of a cold. You’ll quickly feel achy, feverish, sweaty and shivery. The main symptoms of the flu, including the fever, should pass within a few days, but you’ll feel tired for a few weeks afterwards while your body recovers.

Top tips for avoiding a cold or the flu

Colds and flu may be common, but if you take care of yourself, you can minimise the risks of getting sick. Here are a few handy tips for staying healthy:

  1. Be careful when you come into contact with someone who is unwell; wash your hands often with warm water and soap.
  2. Avoid sharing towels or household items (like cups) with people who have a cold or the flu. 
  3. When cleaning, remember to wipe down surfaces that get touched a lot, but are easily missed during your normal cleaning routine. Think door handles and TV remotes.
  4. Stay fit and healthy. Research shows people who exercise regularly are less likely to get a cold. A study of over 1,000 people found that staying active almost halved the odds of catching cold viruses, and failing that, made the infection less severe. Experts reported to the British Journal of Sports Medicine that this is because exercise helps bolster the immune system to fight off germs.

Most people are able to recover from colds and the flu by themselves, but you should consider seeing your GP if you’re over 65, you’re pregnant or you have a pre-existing health condition.

How to combat colds and the flu

If you’re searching for products to help ease the effects of a cold or the flu, Lemsip has remedies that can help all kinds of symptoms. You can explore our range here, but these are a few of our popular products:

Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Capsules

These capsules relieve symptoms like aches, pains and nasal congestion, and can lower a temperature.

“Unbeatable: These are absolute magic. The only thing that helps my sinusitis and my husband’s sore throat.”

Lemsip Max Day & Night Relief

Ddesigned to provide relief from symptoms both the day and night.

“Just what you need: The Day capsules really do take the edge off a cold and help you get through the working day. The Night capsules are caffeine-free, so you have some chance of sleeping soundly.”

Lemsip Max All in One Lemon Sachets

Warm up with a nice hot mug of Lemsip, and combat the symptoms of a cold or the flu at the same time.

Lemsip Max Cold & Flu Lemon Sachets

Pop the powder in these sachets into some boiling water to ease the symptoms of colds and flu.

“Works really well!: An easy way to get rid of a light cough or cold without having to take cough mixture. Because it’s hot and liquid, I feel the effects immediately.”

Lemsip Max All In One Liquid Cold Relief

Ease all the symptoms of your cold and or flu in one go with this liquid medication. It works on everything from a chesty cough to a blocked nose.

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