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Gifts for a great Valentine’s Day

After 2020, we think everyone deserves some love this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s for your partner, your kids, or a friend, get your gifting juices flowing with our guide. And if something special ends up in your trolley just for you – well, we won’t tell if you don’t.

For your friends

Send a little smile to your bestie this Valentine’s Day.

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For your partner

Stuck on what to get for your partner? We’ve got you.

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For your family

Show the kids some love with these V-day treats.

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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown

Check out our favourite ways to spend the most romantic day of the year while in lockdown.

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The five love languages

There are loads of ways to tell someone you love them without actually saying “I love you”. So many, in fact, that one clever psychologist came up with a list…

The language of love: Dr Gary Chapman, in his book ‘The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate’, claimed that we all fall into one of five love language categories: spending quality time with your partner, physical touch, giving and receiving gifts, acts of service or words of affirmation

What’s yours? Think about how you show your partner you love them and whether this is something you’d like to be reciprocated as we tend to give love in the ways we’d like to receive it. Holly Roberts, a counsellor at relationship-support charity, Relate, explains: “Think about the things you do each day. Do you make sure you have dinner together every night? Do you hug and kiss each other goodbye? Do you make a cup of tea for your partner first thing in the morning? Do you buy their favourite sweet treat when you go to the shops? Or do you send little texts throughout the day telling them funny things and saying you love them?” If you think you’ve figured out your own love language, why not try to explore your partners by assessing how they respond to acts of service, affirmation or receiving gifts.

Signed, sealed, delivered:  Now you’ve figured out your partners’ love language, you’re primed for some gold-star gifting. The most important takeaway? Grand gestures aren’t necessary. Your other half might love presents – in which case, you’ll definitely want to check out our Valentine’s Day gifting guide. But if they’d prefer a home-cooked meal, search for their favourite recipes here.

Self Love: Flying solo this Valentine’s Day? No biggie. Whether you’re single or separated from your partner because of lockdown, you can use the love languages to channel your inner Whitney. Be kind to yourself by indulging in a long bath, sipping on a glass of wine, or sending yourself some flowers. 

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