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New tier restrictions: your questions answered

Following the recent Government briefing, regarding tier changes and Christmas week restrictions, we’ve updated our service to increase safety for our customers and staff. So you know what’s what, we’ve answered some of your most-asked questions below.

How are you keeping customers and colleagues safe from Coronavirus?

The health and safety of our colleagues, their families and our customers is our utmost priority.

  • We’ve put in place additional and stricter health and hygiene measures in our warehouses and for our drivers on the road. 
  • Our frontline colleagues have temperature checks on arrival at our warehouses. They’re also offered weekly tests so we can continue to safely provide a vital service to as many customers as possible.
  • We’re still not accepting any returns from a previous order and will only take back products from your existing order that haven’t been touched after the driver has put your shopping (let your driver know you want to do this before picking up your shopping).
  • As an extra precaution, from Monday 21st December, our drivers will wear face coverings for all deliveries. 

Why are you not collecting carrier bags?

With the recent news of a new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we’re reviewing our health and safety measures for staff and customers. As a result, we’re pausing our bag recycling scheme once more. So please don’t hand bags back to your driver. We’ll return to our normal process and restart our bag recycle bonus as soon as we can.
If you’re running low on carrier bag space, you could try making bag samosas.

Will I be charged for the carrier bags that you don’t collect? 

During lockdown last year, the Government reassessed this law so we were able to pause charging for carrier bags. At the moment, this law has not been reviewed again, so we have to continue to charge for carrier bags. This is a short-term measure, so please hang on to any bags so we can collect them and refund you in the future.

For lots more information about our coronavirus (COVID-19) policies, take a look at our FAQs.

Can I still return substitutions?

Yes, you can still return substitutions at the door – there’s only one main difference right now. Your driver will first ask if you’re happy with your substitutions and, if not, will take back the item or items before you pick up the shopping. Unfortunately, they can’t take back substitutions if you’ve already touched your shopping. 

After your shopping has been delivered, you can request a refund on any substitutes you do not want in the My Orders section of the website. Simply select Incorrect Substitution as your reason and we’ll refund in full. 

Can drivers bring shopping inside my home?

Not at the moment. When delivering groceries, our drivers will knock on your door or ring the doorbell. You’ll be greeted as normal, but our drivers will place the bags containing your groceries onto your doorstep (rather than bring them inside). If you live in a flat, please note that we’ll still try to deliver outside the front door of your flat but our drivers may call you to ask if they can drop off your shopping outside of your building instead.


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