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FAQs about free Tony’s Chocoloney

How do I claim my free bar of chocolate?

Once you have finished filling your trolley, you can add a bar of Tony’s Chocoloney to your order and checkout to see the price of the chocolate removed from your order.

Why did we choose Tony’s Chocolonely?

Not only does Tony’s Chocolonely taste good, it does good too. This chocolatier is completely fairtrade certified, which means that all of their cocoa farmers are paid a living wage to produce high-quality ingredients. Plus, the company is also BCorp certified, which means that they put the planet over profits. This means that the packaging is recyclable and the bars are free from palm oil.

Why haven’t I received a free bar of Tony’s Chocolonely ?

The number of chocolate bars that we were giving away were limited. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a bar to all of our customers. But do keep an eye on our social channels for more giveaways and competitions to come soon.

Why did Ocado choose to give away chocolate?

This gift is completely optional. You can choose to add it to your basket at checkout. We pride ourselves on offering our customers a vast range of products. That includes a wide variety of both fresh and healthy products as well. But since it is nearly the Halloweekender after all, we thought our customers might deserve a little treat.

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