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Always delivering value: your questions answered

From lunchbox fillers for less, to a bargain bolognese dinner – you’ll always get the groceries you like at the prices you’ll love. That’s value delivered.

What does the red £ icon mean?

We’ve made it easier for you to find low prices and enjoy them week in, week out, without having to wait for vouchers. Our red £ icon will let you know which products we’re delivering value on. There are hundreds of them to find across the website, including fresh food, cleaning products, frozen and much more. So next time you shop, you can relax (and feel a little smug) knowing you’ll always get great value.

How do I know if a product is included?

We’ve selected hundreds of products that’ll stay at a low price. The best bit? These aren’t just any blueberries or baked beans, they’re Ocado customers’ most-bought items. So, you’ll always get the groceries you like at prices you’ll love. That’s value delivered.

Where can I find these great value products?

Look out for the red £ icon as you shop. You can add these low-priced items to your trolley right now.

Why have only some products been included?

We’ve worked hard to make sure these aren’t just any blueberries or baked beans, they’re our customers’ most-bought items. There are all the basics you’d expect, but if ‘everyday’ for you means organic, or free-from, we’re delivering value there too. So you can relax, knowing whether it’s semi-skimmed, organic milk or oat milk for your morning cuppa and cereal, Ocado is always delivering value.

How long will these products be marked with red £ for?

Products will be on the list for different periods of time. What’s more, new products will be added as shopping habits change throughout the year (including to replace products taken off the list). That way, we can always deliver value on what matters to you.

How does Ocado set the prices?

We’re always monitoring our prices against other supermarkets to make sure we can deliver value on what matters most. For these products, when the price is set, we aim to match or beat the regular price of equivalent products in at least one other major supermarket. 

To make sure we deliver value on products that are only sold at Ocado, we compare prices to similar products in our own range and to relevant alternatives sold at other retailers.

How long will these products be at this price?

We’re constantly checking our prices against those of other supermarkets, to make sure we’re always delivering value.

Will new products be added to the list?

Yes – just like our tastes change from hearty winter stews to summer strawberries, we’ll constantly review and add products to the list. That means, no matter the time of year,  you’ll always get value delivered.

Does this affect my Smart Pass discount?

No, this does not affect your Smart Pass discount.

Does this mean my shopping will be more expensive?

You’ll find low prices on hundreds of our most-loved items. So, by choosing to shop from this vast selection, you’re sure to get value delivered.

Does this mean you will be running fewer promotions?

No – we’re committed to providing customers with the best choice, quality and value. This means we’ll continue to run all promotions, as usual.

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