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Ocado Meal Maths: quick and easy dinner ideas

Who said maths was boring? Well, it definitely wasn’t us. Meet Ocado Meal Maths – a series of tasty meal equations (or recipe ideas) created to simplify your day-to-day life. Each recipe is quick, easy and affordable, with a set of ingredients that keep costs low and taste high. In this post, you’ll find four delicious dinner recipes to help make weekday tea time a fuss-free event. 

After a long day, spending hours cooking might not be top priority – we get it. You probably want to feed yourself and the family fast, freeing up time for the things you enjoy. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have good-for-you food that feels inspiring and puts a smile on your face. Because in our recipe universe, little time plus hungry tummies equals nutritious and tasty food.

Feeling inspired already? You’ll like what we have in store below. These dinner recipes are versatile, highlight different types of produce and offer something for everyone. Take our sausage traybake for instance. It’s filling, non-complicated and easily made vegetarian (just swap the sizzlers for veggie ones). You’ll find this recipe, plus all the other dinner ideas from this post, under the recipe tab. 

Using our Meal Maths isn’t all about saving time though, it’s also about value. All of these recipes have ingredients listed from our everyday great value range (which holds over 400 low-cost items). That means you can cook with high-quality products without breaking the bank. Fancy a bit of exploring? Just follow the link below.

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Sausage Traybake with Tomatoes, Peppers, New Potatoes and Olives

This easy all-in-one dinner is bursting with colour and will be a new family favourite. Bell peppers, new potatoes and cherry tomatoes give this sausage supper a boost of vegetables and vitamins. And, you’ll find most of these ingredients in our everyday great value range, which will make your wallet happy too. This dish can also be super versatile to fit different diets and lifestyles – make it veggie-friendly by swapping out the sizzlers for vegetarian sausages. And for the picky eaters? Simply leave out the olives. Stir through some herby basil leaves at the end of cooking and serve the whole thing with crusty bread on the side.

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Cod with Aïoli and Potato Gratin

With only four ingredients needed, this recipe is ideal for those who prefer a brief shopping list. Simply cover your cod in aïoli (‘alioli’ in Spain) for a taste of garlicky goodness and stick them in the oven. Then all you have to do is heat up a set of readymade potato gratin and chuck your green beans in a pot of boiling water for a couple of minutes. You can find green beans in our everyday great value range at a price you’ll love. For a tasty weekday supper, it really doesn’t get easier than this.

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Chicken with Pancetta, Tapenade and Mascarpone

This is an easy way to create an impressive chicken dinner for the whole family to enjoy. You only need a few ingredients (you can pick up chicken from our everyday great value range) and the whole thing takes less than one hour to cook. Think succulent baked chicken breasts wrapped in salty pancetta, stuffed with deliciously creamy mascarpone mixed with Olive Branch Tapenade with Sundried Tomato, Feta & Greek Basil. Your tasty, no-faff family meal is served.

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Almond milk-glazed Savoy Cabbage with Flaked Almonds and Tarragon

Sweet and nutty with a hint of anise, this easy vegan recipe transforms cabbage into a side of real interest. You’ll find all the ingredients in our everyday great value range for an extra sprinkle of savings. This dish goes really well with butternut squash and is suitable for everyone, whether vegan or not. For meat-eaters, try serving with roast beef – it’s delicious.

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That’s it for this round of Ocado Meal Maths. We hope you feel inspired to try one or two (or all) of these delicious recipes for your next lunch. You’ll find a sea of low-cost ingredients, waiting for your magic touch to transform them into wonderful meals. We’ve also got plenty more Meal Maths recipes for you to discover, including brilliant breakfast recipes for busy mornings, quick kids meals or light lunches. Enjoy. 

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