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The Guardian Podcast: Comfort Eating with Grace Dent

We’re very happy to share Comfort Eating with Grace Dent with you. The food podcast from The Guardian that we’re proud to sponsor. 

Comfort Eating is a weekly podcast where our favourite food critic and writer, Grace Dent interviews celebrities on all things food, food memories, and meaning. As a food critic, Grace is famous for her refined palate, but at home, she can often be found with a plate of oven chips, gravy, and mint sauce. However, she suspects, she is not the only one. And she’s right –  talking about people’s guilty pleasures and food memories leads to some really insightful and entertaining chat. We really love this show and think you will too. But be warned, it might make you hungry, so have some snacks to hand. 

You can listen to the podcast here on the blog, and each week we will upload the next episode for you, so you can listen back whenever you please. Enjoy!

Episode 7 with Lawrence Chaney

Grace’s guest on Comfort Eating this week is drag superstar Lawrence Chaney. He joins Grace over video and presents her with her favourite snack of the series so far. They bond over a mutual love of Joan Collins, the fun and fast food on offer in late-night Glasgow, and discuss what winning Ru Paul’s Drag Race means to someone who’s experienced bullying all their life.

Episode 6 with Siobhán McSweeney

This week, Grace Dent sits down with the star of Derry Girls, the actor and TV presenter Siobhán McSweeney, who reminisces about the golden years of Cork’s rave scene, onstage laughing fits and what happened after her life literally burned to the ground. And, as always, she reveals the comfort foods that saw her through each of these moments.

Episode 5 with Scarlett Moffatt

his week on Comfort Eating, Grace Dent is joined by TV personality Scarlett Moffatt. She tells Grace about being a ‘peculiar’ child in County Durham, navigating accidental celebrity, and the comfort foods that have seen her through it all. And, Grace gives her ‘most judge-y face’ of the series so far in response to one of. Scarlett’s comfort foods…

Episode 4 with Mae Martin

In episode four of Comfort Eating with Grace Dent, Mae Martin tells Grace about some of the most important moments in their life – and the comfort food that has seen them through them. Mae tells Grace about the childhood joy of a freshly made souvlaki, the role cooking played in their recovery from drug addiction, and their Netflix series Feel Good.

Episode 3 with Rafe Spall

In episode three of Comfort Eating with Grace Dent, Rafe joins Grace for a sit down over his favourite sofa snack. They drink martinis and talk about their Indian takeaway order, the bizarre memories he has of school lunches, and the pressure he feels as a male actor to be a certain body size.

Episode 2 with Nish Kumar

Comedian Nish Kumar sits down with Grace Dent, over a polystyrene carton of his favourite dirty comfort food. Nish laments the ‘golden age’ of Pizza Hut, his childhood between Croydon and Leicester, and tells Grace how it feels to be pelted with a bread roll for his views on Brexit

Episode 1 with Russell T. Davies

In this first episode, award-winning screenwriter Russell T. Davies introduces Grace to a bowl of his surprisingly delicious comfort food invention. The pair discuss television, childhoods in rugby clubs, love at first sight and recent loss. But be warned, it might make you hungry, so have some snacks to hand. Click the play button below to listen now!

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