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The cosiest soup recipes

All we want to eat right now is soup. Warm, nourishing, steaming bowls of goodness, from smoky mushroom and sage to root veg and hearty beans – perfect for cold weather and for when you get in from those chilly weekend walks.

Parsnip soup with smoked almond pesto

Unsung heroes of the root veg world, parsnips aren’t just for roasting, they make an extra tasty soup. We’re all about those smoky flavours, so the smoked almond pesto has us heading back to the saucepan for more.

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Mushroom, leek and sage soup with smoked houmous

All those rustic seasonal flavours in one soup, YUM. And the houmous on top? Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. It adds protein and an extra layer of smoky flavour.

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Shredded ham, greens and cannellini bean soup

This hearty bean soup is one of the most adaptable recipes we know. You can make it with or without the ham, plus it’s our food waste crusader as it’s the perfect base for whatever greens you have left in the fridge.

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Loving these soup recipes? Check out Lisa Faulkner’s Vegetable Barley soup – a delicious recipe inspired by her grandmother

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