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Pancake Day Recipes with a twist

Fancy something different for Pancake Day this year? Maybe a gluten-free chickpea version? Or how about porridge pancakes (yes, really)? Then keep on reading, because we’ve put together four great alternative recipes below. All you have to do is mix, fry, flip and enjoy. To shop all things pancake day, visit our dedicated aisle on-site.

Chickpea Pancakes with Houmous & Tomatoes

Made using chickpea flour, these tasty pancakes make a speedy, gluten-free supper and put a savoury spin on this usually sweet treat.

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Porridge Pancakes with Caramelised Banana & Pecans

Leftover porridge comes to great use in this clever no-waste pancake recipe. Served with caramelised banana and pecans, it’s a winner for your weekend brunch.

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Buckwheat Galette with Melted Cheese & Ham

A delicately thin pancake topped with melted cheese, ham, cornichons and pea shoots. Leave room for seconds.

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Sour Cherry, Sweet Ricotta & Honey Pancake

This Italian-inspired twist on the traditional sweet pancake replaces zingy lemon with the subtle tartness of sour cherry jam.

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For more pancake day ideas, check out our pancake recipes from around the world here.

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