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5 pancake recipes from around the world

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day – whatever you call it, 16th February this year is a day to look forward to and we can’t wait to get stuck in. Here are five sweet and savoury recipes from around the world to inspire your pancake-making, including Vietnamese crêpes and Japanese okonomiyaki. Our top tip? Try them all. To shop all things pancake day, visit our dedicated aisle on-site.

Dutch Baby Pancake with Mixed Berries

Puffed up like a Yorkshire pud, this pancake is as fun to make as it’s tasty to eat.

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Vietnamese Bánh Xèo Crêpes

Try these Vietnamese style pancakes and you might never go French again.

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German Kartoffelpuffer Potato Pancakes

Try these German style pancakes to mix up your weekend brunch.

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Classic French Sweet Crêpes

You just can’t go wrong with crêpes. Start by making a traditional batter, and then top with whatever takes your fancy; there are no rules in crêpe heaven.

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Japanese Street Food Okonomiyaki

This recipe is great if you fancy a savoury alternative to classic sweet crêpes.

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