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International Coffee Day: eight of the best coffees

As a nation we love caffeine, so it’s no surprise we get through 95 million cups of coffee everyday. Although we’re not the world’s biggest coffee drinkers (we rank 40th) – a daily cup of joe is a morning ritual for many of us. While some love a fuss-free instant, others prefer an Instagram-worthy cup adorned with latte art. Then there’s every coffee-lover’s evening drink of choice: the espresso martini.

With over 700 packs in our coffee aisle, we have the coffee for you. Here are some of our top picks, rated by you.

Best whole bean: Roastworks Brazil Whole Bean Coffee

Roastworks don’t define their coffees by strength, but by flavour, varietal, region and processing method. Their Brazilian beans, from the Mantiqueira Mountains, are called Yellow Bourbon and have notes of white chocolate, macadamia nut and peanut butter.

Best instant: Clipper Fairtrade Super Special Organic Coffee

When there’s no time for a slow percolation, instant is your friend. Clipper has perfected the instant blend and made it organic. We applaud them and so do you, giving them a high rating for this rich, smooth brew.

Best for moka pots: Tiki Tonga Blend No.9 Ground Coffee

This ground coffee comes from Brad Barrit’s (Saracens rugby player) roastery. This medium bodied blend of ethically sourced Honduran, Kenyan and Brazilian Arabica with Indian Bobusta is a great all-rounder, 

Best for Nespresso: Eden Project Home Compostable Nespresso Capsules Costa Rica

A complex, lightly-roasted coffee with warm notes of spiced green tea and toasted barley. These capsules are made from home-compostable bio-plastic, produced using renewable energy sources.

Best for filter: Minor Figures Double Origin Ground Filter Coffee

This blend of their two heirloom single origin coffees from the Nano Challo and Biftu Gudina region of Ethiopia, has a crisp acidity endnotes of orange blossom, stone fruits and berries

Best decaf: Cafedirect Fairtrade Decaf Machu Picchu Ground Coffee

You told us that you can’t believe this deep, earthy brew with its citrus undertones is in fact decaf. This Fairtrade brand also has B Corp Status and invests 50% of its profits to a farming charity.

Best for convenience: Percol Intense Espresso Coffee Bags

A different way to get your espresso – these coffee bags give a hit of the good stuff, with dark chocolate notes. Perfect for the office or any time you can’t use your coffee maker – simply brew in hot water like a tea bag. 

Best cold brew: Kuka Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

A versatile cold brew concentrate you can use exactly how you like. Perfect for cocktails, refreshing iced coffee or added to deserts. This smooth and delicate blend with rich, fruity flavours can be enjoyed hot or cold.

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