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Top of the crops: check out this season’s tastiest fruit and veg

Spring heralds the arrival of some of the year’s finest fruit and veg. Here’s our pick of the crop, from crunchy, peppery radishes to sunny lemons and juicy, earthy asparagus.

1. Purple sprouting broccoli
This treasured veg is slower growing than regular broccoli, which is partly why fewer farmers grow it. Enjoy the tender stalks steamed (and laced with parmesan) while you can. 
Ocado British Purple Sprouting Broccoli (£1.80/200g)

2. Spring greens 
At this time of year, sturdy kale makes way for delicate and bright spring greens. When finely shredded, all they need is a quick dip in boiling water to reveal their grassy sweetness. 
Ocado British Spring Greens (84p/500g)

3. Asparagus 
These snappable spears are at their best when they appear in native soils. Salty ham is the perfect contrast to their sweet, juicy earthiness. We pair them with parma ham and mozzarella. 
Ocado Asparagus (£2.10/250g)

4. Cauliflower 
Did you know, “the smaller the cauliflower, the sweeter”? So says king of cauli Eyal Shani, who started the trend for baking them whole – a method that will really make your cauli shine. 
Natoora White Cauliflower (£2.99/450g)

5. Seasonal potatoes
These much-loved potatoes are eagerly awaited each spring. Top with a dab of butter to use as a side, throw into salads, and crush or slice to top pies and hotpots. 
Ocado Seasonal New Potatoes (£1.25/750g)

6. Oranges 
It’s peak season for citrus from Southern Europe. Tangy blood oranges appear alongside sweet navel and bitter seville oranges, essential for homemade marmalade. 
Natoora Unwaxed Blood Oranges (£3.80)

7. Radishes 
Step straight into spring with these rosy roots. So fresh and crunchy with a peppery bite – they’re the perfect enlivening pre-dinner crudité. Or slice into salads, pair with lamb or roast in 10 mins flat. 
Ocado Radish (71p/300g)

8. Lemons 
Uplifting lemons, when in season, are extra juicy and aromatic. Natoora’s are from Calabria in southern Italy. Squeeze over greens or make a vibrant pasta sauce. 
Natoora Large Unwaxed Lemons (£2.99/550g) 

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