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What’s In Season – January

January doesn’t have to be a month of dieting, denial and boring food because January is full of amazing seasonal ingredients that make eating well easy, inexpensive and very, very tasty. British vegetables like turnips, swedes, Brussels sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes are all at their best this time of year. So, to make discovering these delicious fruit and veg simple and satisfying, we’ve put together seasonal recipes for January.

Brussel Sprouts

Sprouts are definitely not just for Christmas! We love roasting them with Moroccan spices such as harissa and wedges of winter citrus like blood orange; serve with garlicky yoghurt, toasted pittas and lamb skewers. They’re also wonderful when quartered and plunged into a pot of boiling spaghetti right before draining; toss it all with chopped anchovies and butter and finish with black pepper, fresh lemon zest and juice, and a hint of chilli.

Halloumi, Brussels Sprouts and Sweetcorn Fritters

This halloumi, Brussels sprouts and sweetcorn fritters recipe is a great way to use any leftover Christmas sprouts, cabbage or kale but also tastes fantastic at any time of the year. Really simple and fast to cook – ready in just 15 mins – it’s a mixture of textures and flavours with a particularly pleasing kick of sriracha dip.

Brussels Sprouts Agrodolce

If you want to add a punch of flavour to your Christmas sprouts this year, Brussels sprout agrodolce is the recipe for you. Agrodolce is an Italian sweet and sour sauce made using vinegar and raisins. It’s easy to cook, uses great-value ingredients and adds a new and interesting flavour and texture to your Christmas dinner. A totally terrific trimming.

Brussels Sprouts Raw Slaw

Ready in just half an hour, this Brussels sprout raw slaw is the perfect way to use up any leftover sprouts. We love the combination of apple and sultanas, the freshness of the mint and yoghurt and the toasted pumpkin seeds add a fantastic extra layer of crunchy texture.


So underrated in the UK, these purple-blushing brassicas are widely enjoyed in Japan, pickled in mirin (or 50:50 rice wine and sugar) and soy sauce. Marinate raw, bite-sized pieces in this mix, or gently cook in the liquid with ginger and chilli, then serve with fish. They’re king in the Middle East too, in a pickled form called ‘torshi’: cube and marinate in white wine vinegar with garlic, za’atar and slices of beetroot. It’s fantastic with falafel, lamb and houmous.

Yaki Soba Noodles

This very tasty and easy to cook recipe is as versatile as it is delicious. In season turnip, and other root vegetables, work perfectly as an extra veg or a swede substitute. An excellent meat-free Monday recipe that’s full of vegetables and flavour.

Venison Steaks with Brown Buttered Turnips

Here’s a turnip for the books: turnips are at their best at this time of year and this dish showcases their flavour and versatility perfectly. The naturally sweet and earthy flavours work wonderfully well with the rich, succulent, and also in season, venison. 

Jerusalem Artichokes

These knobbly tubers grow on a plant that’s a relation of the sunflower. They have a wonderful hazelnut-like flavour but a bad rep for causing digestive disruption! In fact, the ‘ill-effects’ are the result of positive gut-boosting activity. They’re a great alternative to potatoes – roasted, steamed or boiled – and with mushrooms in soup. Or scrub, slice and add raw to salads or cook gently in stir-fries.

Crispy Artichoke, Pancetta and Butternut Squash One-Tin Pasta

Artichokes have an earthy and nutty flavour making them a fantastic ingredient to cook with. This simple-to-prepare one-pot dish matches them with rich roasted winter squash and salty pancetta to make a meal brimming with flavour. Ready in just over an hour, this is a warming and comforting recipe you’ll keep returning to. 

Roasted Chicken with Jerusalem Artichoke & Lemon

This is a roast chicken recipe with a difference, and it’s a brilliant way to use in-season artichokes. Using chicken thighs for extra flavour, the combination of lemon, garlic, saffron and, of course, the Jerusalem artichokes, creates a sensational Sunday supper. 

Truffled Parmesan, Jerusalem Artichokes and Chicken Traybake

Indulge in the flavours of the season with this decadent, rich and delicious truffled parmesan, Jerusalem artichokes and chicken traybake. The mild, nuttiness of the in-season artichokes is accentuated by the truffle, while the parmesan crusts adds a very pleasing extra texture to the chicken. 


This hardy winter veg loves to grow in cool, wet climates – the perfect British crop! Try it peeled and diced in a curry. Or boil the pieces until tender, then mash into patties with curry spices, lime zest and juice; fry until golden and top with poached eggs, a handful of fresh herbs and chopped chilli. Or roast whole, studded with cloves and glossed with brown sugar and mustard, as a veggie alternative to gammon.

Lamb Stew

The natural sweetness and nutty flavour of swede makes it a welcome addition to this lamb stew recipe. Full of fresh produce and cooked in one pot for complete convenience, this is a delicious and useful addition to any cook’s roast-alternative repertoire. Full of flavour and brimming with vegetable goodness, we love it served with crusty bread and chilled white wine.

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