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Springtime is here and you’ll be ready to shine in no time with our favourite Easter sweets. From a peanut butter stuffed bunny to a champagne truffle egg, it’s all to play for in this Easter array. To shop all things Easter, visit our dedicated aisle on-site.

Our Favourite Easter Eggs

Thorntons Dinosaur Kids Egg, 151 G, £3

This Easter egg is designed for kids of all ages (plus their ‘dinosaur’ Mums and Dads too)! Made with the smoothest, creamiest milk chocolate, this icing-topped treat is sure to be a roaring success.

Lindt Lindor White Egg, £8

We won’t judge you if you need to take a Lindor moment. From the second you unwrap it, you’ll find a delicate chocolate shell that’s as sublime as it is smooth. Moments of bliss like this are what Easter break is all about.

Monty Bojangles Taste Adventures Balloon Egg, £10

This chocolate assortment truly is a taste adventure. Open it up to discover French Cocoa Dusted Truffles, Butterscotch Chips, Candied Orange Peels, Cookie Pieces and Hazelnut Chips & Popping Candy.

Montezuma’s Clucky Milk Chocolate Chick, £6

Why should the bunnies get to have all the fun? This cute, clucky chick is made from organic milk chocolate. Plus, Clucky comes with few giant buttons to nibble on throughout the Easter weekend.

Montezuma’s Lucky Like No Udder Milk Choc Alternative Chick, £6

Made using an organic, milk chocolate alternative, this fun Lucky Chick is the perfect egg for those of you who eat dairy free or vegan. Don’t worry – they are just as smooth and creamy as you’d expect from a bite-sized chocolate treat!

Cadbury Bournville Dark Orange Chocolate Easter Egg, 255g, £8

For those of you who like a little citrus in your sweetness, the Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate Easter Egg is a luxurious addition to the Easter line up. Bite into an orange-flavoured shell for a taste of fruity fun.

Prestat Marc De Champagne Truffle Easter Egg, £17.50

37% cocoa? Yes, please. Discover a unique blend of single-origin beans (that means they’re high quality) that make for Prestat’s iconic Marc de Champagne Truffles.

Our Favourite Easter ICONS

Cadbury 5 Creme Eggs, 197g, £2

What Easter would be complete without the original Cadbury Creme Egg? After 50 golden years, the recipe for this milk chocolate shell and soft fondant center has reigned supreme. It’s veggie friendly too!

Lindt Lindor Mini Eggs, 80g,£1.99

50 years ago, the expert chocolatiers of Lindt discovered their masterpiece: Lindor. This secret recipe makes for an irresistibly smooth chocolate filling inside each surprisingly sweet egg.

Smarties Milk Chocolate Mini Eggs Bag 80g, £1

Another colourful addition to your mini egg arsenal, these SMARTIES® Mini Eggs capture all the liveliness of spring in a milk chocolate-filled treat.

Hotel Chocolat Pen Pals, 120g, £10

This trio of Easter friends have been hand-sketched and moulded to add character to your Easter celebrations. Add Rabbert, Elizapeck and Wolliam to your gift baskets this year for chocolatey fun.

Hotel Chocolat Easter Hbox, £12.95

Another fun addition to the Easter gifting range, this box is brimming with choccies. 15 to be exact in egg shapes, including caramels, pralines, tipples and more.

KitKat Bunny Milk Chocolate Easter Mini Bunnies, 66g, £1
Once you’ve got all your eggs (and ducks) in a row, it’s time to load up on the chocolate bunnies! These KitKat versions have the same classic wafer centre that you know and love.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Reester Bunny, 141g, £3

The Easter Bunny’s got some competition this year in the form of the Reester Bunny® . This cute character is one of the best in the basket – made from milk chocolate and filled with Reese’s® Peanut Butter.

Cadbury Mini Eggs Bag, 296g, £3

For all the little bunnies in your life, these Cadbury Mini Eggs can make for a great filler in fake Easter eggs during the hunt, or as a topping for many of our Easter recipes.

Milkybar Mini Eggs Pouch. 80g, £1

What’s the number 1 ingredient in a Milkybar? You guessed it. M-I-L-K. That’s why they’ve added even more of it to their delicious chocolate. Simple.

Haribo Easter Jelly Bunnies Sweets, 160g ,£1

These Easter-edition Haribos are much like their regular Haribo counterparts in texture, but now they’ve got a new rabbit shape to show off. Add some to your pick-and-mix sweet display or hide them in an Easter egg.

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