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Christmas Mocktails

These Christmas mocktail recipes are perfect for your teetotal friends and family. Our list of ideas has booze-free inspiration for all your Christmas parties, so no one has to miss out on a festive drink to enjoy with their candy cane. 

You can make some of these recipes using the same methods as the alcoholic version, and our Peppery Hot Chocolate is the perfect example. Serve a crowd by mixing up a big batch of this chocolatey Christmas drink on the stove with no booze involved, and just add whisky into the alcohol drinkers’ glasses before serving. How easy is that?

If you or your sober guests are after a holiday drink that tastes just like the original, try an alcohol-free G&T. It uses all the same ingredients as a classic Gin and Tonic, just switches out the gin for a non-alcoholic version. The best thing about a G&T is how easy it is to adapt to your favourite flavours, so pick up a tonic water or simple syrup liqueur of your choice to take this drink to the next level. 

And for something totally different to your line-up of alcoholic Christmas drinks, the Marmalade and Honey Fizz is a lovely warming drink for the festive season. The marmalade and honey come together with star anise to create a drink that feels like the flavours of winter in a party-ready beverage. 

Another non-alcoholic drink that tastes like winter is our Apple Hot Toddy recipe. Some believe a hot toddy can help with a cold because of its collection of ingredients. We can’t promise there are any health benefits to drinking this one, but the mixture of apple juice, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg certainly come together to make one memorable drink. 

Now it’s time to decide which cocktails you’ll be making this festive season. We suggest all of them…


This alcohol-free version of the Negroni is just as delicious. Instead of gin, vermouth and Campari, you’ll mix together Seedlip Spice 94 and Aecorn before finishing it with an orange garnish for some Christmas flair. It’s a brilliant red colour, making it appropriately festive for every yuletide party in your calendar. 

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Marmalade and Honey Fizz

This drink feels a little bit like a hug in a glass. The combination of marmalade and honey create a sweet taste that you might enjoy in a steaming mug of hot water on a cold day. In this recipe, top the syrup mixture with sparkling water for something more suited to a party than a cosy night in.

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Peppery Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolate recipe is free from dairy, and while this recipe has alcohol in it, it’s easy to remove. So, if you’ve got sober vegans visiting, this is the drink for them. It’s just as creamy as a normal hot chocolate thanks to the vegan cream. Even better, you can keep your mixture in the fridge for up to two weeks. 

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Alcohol-Free G&T

The simplicity of this drink is one of the reasons it’s such a hit – you only need an alcohol-free gin and a can of tonic water to make it happen. Or you can switch the tonic water for cranberry juice for a non-alcoholic Cranberry Gin cocktail. Lime juice creates a Gimlet. The possibilities are endless.

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Sweet and Spiced Apple Hot Toddy

This drink is really simple to make – just pop all your ingredients over a low heat and let them simmer before decanting them into a glass to serve. This drink is full of winter flavours, including allspice, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg, making it ideal for festive gatherings minus the booze. 

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Rooibos Mocktail

Have you ever made a cocktail with a teabag before? It might sound a bit out there, but give this one a chance. Brew your rooibos in hot water with honey for 10 minutes and resist the urge to drink it (or make one to enjoy while you prepare your drink). Your Rooibos Mocktail is served over ice with tonic water for a refreshing, infusion-based mocktail. 

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Bartending for alcohol drinkers? We’ve got a line-up of cocktail recipes for the festive season. You’ll find everything you need, from gin cocktails, to vodka, prosecco, Baileys and even champagne cocktail ideas.  

Get the ingredients you need for all of these drinks in our Christmas drinks aisle

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