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A lot of bottle (for not a lot of money)

We asked our wine buyer Julian Twaites to choose his favourite wines that offer amazing value for the price.

His top tip: look for grapes you may not have heard of and lesser known regions.

1. Markus Huber Grüner Veltliner £10.79
Austria’s most planted grape has been gaining ground in the UK. This lovely aromatic wine with characteristic hints of white pepper and delicious flavours of peach and citrus fruits hails from the Traisental region. Great served with Asian cuisine.

2. Franschhoek Cellar Pinotage £8.99
More fruit driven than most, this expression of South Africa’s signature red grape has black cherries, raspberries and hints of tobacco, with spice from gentle ageing in French oak.

3. La Deliziosa Pinot Grigio Blush £9.49 
A pink-skinned mutation of pinot noir, pinot grigio is better known as a white wines’ grape. In Italy it also produces pale rosé wines, like this delightfully light, crisp example with hints of strawberry and a touch of sweetness.

4. Veramonte Carmenère Colchagua £11.15
Originally a Bordeaux grape, carmenère is now most widely planted in Chile, where it produces dark, intense and complex wines, like this rich, full-flavoured example.

5. Integro Organic Negroamaro £10.99 
Italy has hundreds of native grape varieties and Negroamaro is a super regional speciality. This big gem from southern Italy is deep and plummy but not too full-bodied. If you like Malbec, and fancy a change, then this is definitely worth a punt.

6. Cruset Blanc De Blancs Sparkling Wine £8.99
A fabulously refreshing blend of chardonnay, airen and muscat grapes from a French/Spanish partnership. Its light, fruity and floral aromas, and flavours of white stone fruit make it an excellent value rival to prosecco.

7. Tiefgang Pinot Blanc £9.15 
Germany is a comparatively small wine producer and is best known for its rieslings. This aromatic pinot blanc (Weissburgunder) is made from grapes grown on mineral-rich soil in the Pfalz region, which gives it a distinctive, almost nutty flavour, along with notes of pear, apple and quince. If you’re a fan of sauvignon blanc, then you should enjoy this too.

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