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Top tips to get kids excited about veg

If your kids see veg as public enemy number one, you might need some help. We asked registered nutritionist Dr Laura Wyness to share her top tips on how to put the fun back into mealtimes and encourage kids to eat their greens. Over to you, Laura…

Start while they’re young Children who are encouraged to try a variety of vegetables are more likely to establish healthy eating habits into adulthood.

Be a good role model Just remember, their attitudes are strongly influenced by the people they spend the most time around. If your kids see you or their friends enjoying a variety of veg then they are more likely to eat similar foods.

Get them involved From writing the shopping list, to preparing the meal, letting them taste the food for flavouring as it cooks, and adding their favourite toppings; if kids are more involved, they will be more invested in what they’re eating. Growing veg or herbs can help them connect with food too.

Learn about flavour Food is a balancing act of five tastes: sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami. Young tongues are particularly sensitive to bitterness, which is present in things like broccoli and kale. Learn to identify this taste and find ways to balance it out with a little butter, a pinch of salt or a squeeze of lemon to help get your kids over the initial dislike.

Dip it There are studies to show that kids are more likely to eat veg if they are served with a dip? (even better if the dip has veg in it too!).

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