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Six ideas for teaching your kids at home

If the thought of teaching your kids feels daunting, look no further than our ideas below. Whether they’re at home more regularly or you’re looking for educational activities that don’t involve a screen, these ideas will keep their brains entertained and engaged, whatever their age.


Up their spelling game

  • Turn learning how to spell into a game. Use a tray of sand or rice to write out words one at a time – you can wipe out any that are wrong and give points for every correct spelling. Keep the game going daily by trying to beat their previous score. 
  • Simply fill a tray or shallow box with any loose or fine grains, pulses or flour and write away.


Get active

  • Buy some cheap binoculars and go on a local safari with a nature guide or nature app. Encourage them to keep track of what they see by taking photos or drawing, or turn it into a game – give points to whoever spots things first.  
  • Make it even more fun by turning it into a treasure map they can follow, with prizes they can find. 

Alternatively, lure them away from their screens with these fun outdoor activities.


Expand their minds with something new

  • Sometimes long stints indoors call for a new game or puzzle. Get them to think in a different way or bond with siblings and friends with a game they haven’t played before. 

Discover our games and puzzles aisle, with educational favourites such as Bananagrams, Rubik’s cube and Dobble. 


Get them in the kitchen

  • Cooking or baking with your kids is a great way to help them learn at any age. 
  • Cooking helps them to read, count and follow instructions. It’s also a great life skill and helps to get them interested in what they’re eating.  

If your kids need encouragement, read our blog post for top tips and three brilliant recipe ideas.


Travel around the world from home

  • Travel and holidays abroad are tricky right now, so teach them all about different cultures at home. 
  • Get them to pick a country and make that country the theme for an evening or day. Together you can draw local landmarks, cook the national dish, learn words and phrases, watch a film set or made in that country.
  • Finally, mark where you have ‘travelled’ to on a map and keep travelling. 


Keep green fingers busy

  • Even if you don’t have outside space, you can still get your kids interested in nature and growing plants or things to eat. 
  • Find out what you can grow in your space and give them a small plot or pot they can be in charge of. Encourage them to grow herbs, a chilli plant, sunflowers or tomatoes. 
  • Alternatively, find a community garden you can volunteer at with them.

Looking for more inspiration? Read our blog post on keeping your kids entertained at home or stock up on activity books, educational books and fiction in our book aisle.

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