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Bite-sized Snacks: Easy After-school Snack Ideas

School is exhausting – all that learning and running around, it’s no wonder that kids are ravenous when they get home. We know it can be a challenge to get children to eat healthy after school snacks, and we think the answer is to add some fun. Deal with tummy rumbles and bring out a smile with these fun, quick and easy after-school snack ideas. We know time is key as you try to balance homework, housework and personal time, so we’ve kept ingredients and equipment simple – in fact, the only tool you need is a knife!

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Picture sandwiches

Spread four slices of bread with mayonnaise or butter and place a slice of cheese on one and a slice of ham on another. Take the remaining two pieces of bread and use a knife or small biscuit cutter to cut four ‘windows’ out of each slice (cut any shape you like but make sure it’s smaller than 3cm; to make a bear, as we have, cut a circle, then carve out the ears with a knife). Pop these slices on top of the ham and cheese, so the fillings show through. Trim the crusts off the sandwiches and cut each into four. Don’t waste the cut-out pieces of bread – fry them in butter and serve with a sprinkling of cinnamon powder and sugar.

Try this with:

Cockerel eggs

Pop an egg in boiling water for 10 mins. Remove, cool, then peel. Slice 5mm off the flattest end of the egg, to make a base so the cockerel can stand up. Peel a carrot and cut off a 2mm slice, then cut this into a triangle (approx. 5mm long on each side) for a beak. To attach the beak to the egg, make a horizontal incision with a knife, and slide the triangle in. To make the cockerel’s cockscomb, cut another carrot slice into a half-moon and cut a zigzag shape on the outer edge; make an incision on top of the egg and slide in the carrot piece. (You can leave the cockscomb off to make a chick.) Add black sesame seeds as eyes, pressing them lightly into the egg.

Try this with:

Radish mushrooms

Take a radish and trim off the stalk. Use a knife to score a cut all round the radish, about 5mm deep and a third of the way down from the trimmed end. With the trimmed end facing upwards, make four vertical cuts down to your scored line, to create a square ‘stem’. Then trim off the four corners of the square to make a rounded shape – this is the finished stem. To decorate the mushroom, trim off the root, then use a knife to carefully scrape out small circles from the radish skin and flesh, as if removing an eye from a potato.

Try this with:

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