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Lunchbox recipes for the whole family

Going back to school or getting back into the office is always a big deal, but this year more than ever. These four lunchbox recipes are easy to prep in batches, or in the morning if you have the time. Looking for tips to make packed lunches more appealing? Jump to the bottom of the page. 

Honey-Roasted Squash, Kale and Goat’s Cheese Frittata

An easy, tasty way to sneak in more veg at lunchtime.

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Tuna Mayo Sub Club

A fun and fresh lunchtime option. For a spicy twist, add chilli or wasabi to the mayo.

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Classic Cheese and Ham

For fussy eaters, this is a winning combination. If you’re feeling adventurous, dollop with mustard or mayo.

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Spiced Fig Almond & Oat Raw Bar

A super versatile recipe you can tailor to what you have in the cupboard.

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Top tips for delicious lunchboxes 

Frozen drinks 

A frozen drink not only doubles up as an ice pack, it keeps sandwiches fresher for longer. Plus – a cool, slushy drink at lunchtime is always a refreshing treat!

Make it colourful

An assortment of colours make lunch more exciting – from a bright lunchbox to a rainbow of fruit and veg. Think cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, sweetcorn, baby beets and grapes. 

Mix it up 

Try switching up up the type of bread or fillings you use for simple sandwiches. Mini pittas, wraps and tiger bread are easy alternatives to keep their packed lunch exciting.

Keep it bite-sized

Make it easy for kids with bite-sized fruit and veg morsels. Try using little cookie cutters to cut shapes into fruit and veg to make apple stars and cucumber crescents.

Choose the right container 

Bento-style or smart storage lunchboxes keep every nibble neat and fresh. Need a lunchbox update? Check out our full range here

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