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Black Lives Matter

Like the rest of the world, we were horrified and saddened by the death of George Floyd, and what it represented. We have watched the events since 25th May unfold with a mixture of hope and fierce determination; we stand in solidarity with all who have made similar calls for change in the present and past. We are hopeful that the movement will inspire lasting change in our society and the world, but hope isn’t enough without commitment and action. 

Like most businesses, we’ve taken a long, hard look at ourselves over the past two weeks, and asked ourselves what are our responsibilities as individuals and as an organisation? What kind of society do we believe in? What things do we already do well, and what actions do we still need to take to create a truly level playing field, as an employer and a progressive UK business? 

We are inspired and led by our CEO Mel. Her experiences as a Māori woman have made her a tireless enemy of discrimination; her insight and passion inspires us, and we share her determination to make Ocado Retail the most inclusive and diverse business possible. 

The #BlackLivesMatter movement has given us an opportunity to introduce meaningful change at a time when society is already evolving. We’ll hold our hands up and say we haven’t had a focused enough Diversity & Inclusion action plan. We’re in the process of consulting across the business as we develop our plan and will share it here in July. And we won’t relent in our focus until we know that:

  • Every Ocado Retail colleague feels like they truly belong at Ocado Retail and that they can wholeheartedly bring their best selves to work. 
  • Every Ocado Retail customer feels that we understand and reflect their world, and that we are responsive to their diverse needs.
  • Every Ocado Retail supplier feels equally supported and fairly treated by us.

We hope you support our efforts. Please share any questions or comments by emailing us at diversity@ocadoretail.com

With hope and fierce determination from everyone in the Ocado Retail family.

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